What we offer

We provide global cellular connectivity solutions

We take pride in offering some of the most flexible and universal cellular connectivity solutions for either standard MVNO businesses or for the emerging IoT (Internet of Things) sector. The uniqueness of our solutions is based on the superiority of our technical architecture and the leveraging of a multi-local network code.

for MVNOs

Create your mobile services
become an mvno

We provide solutions to launch:
> MVNOs-in-a-box in the UK
> MVNOs-in-a-box in France
> Global data MVNOs worldwide
> ...

Beyond the interconnections with MNOs and the technical framework enabling us to support both Full and Light MVNOs, our expertise lies in our ability to:

  • Offer complimentary advisory on business plans, positioning and go-to-market approach
  • Anticipate marketing and regulatory constraints from the start of the project
  • If necessary, engage the lobbying efforts in the direction of professional associations, regulatory bodies and national or regional governmental instances, such as the European Commission
  • Facilitate and enrich the end-user experience
Learn more here about our:
> MVNOs-in-a-box
> Services for MVNOs and MNOs

for the IoT

Offer cellular embedded connectivity
connect your machines and devices

We provide embedded cellular connectivity for:
> Laptops and tablets
> Personal trackers
> Connected watches
> Connected cars
> ...

Transatel offers cellular connectivity solutions for the IoT. In order to enable ‘always on’ connectivity, OEMs can enhance their existing technology anywhere in the world with 3G/LTE connectivity thanks to Transatel’s SIM 901.

As a result of years of R&D, SIM 901 offers multi-local connectivity based on Code 901, a non-geographic Mobile Network Code (MNC) dedicated to multi-country 3G/LTE data-only plans. Global coverage at local rates is made possible by Transatel’s core network infrastructure and agreements with telecom operators in over 100 countries to date. SIM 901 is furthermore compatible with the eUICC.

Today, major brands have selected Transatel to enhance their top-of-the-line products with cellular capabilities around the world.

Learn more here about SIM 901 for
embedded cellular connectivity


In 2012, Transatel entered the machine-to-machine arena supporting EE’s delivery of M2M services.

Transatel also manages Salt’s M2M activities, the third Swiss mobile network operator.

  • Vehicle telematics
  • Logistics
  • Smart metering / smart city
  • E-health

Transatel also manages Salt’s M2M activities, the third Swiss mobile network operator.

Learn more here about our M2M solutions