Transatel CEO Jacques Bonifay on Why the SIM 901 is the Trailblazer of Embedded Connectivity at Computex

Jacques, your company is an established player in Europe, leader in the MVNO business, and you are active to help European instances achieve a unified digital market, as Chair of EAFM (European Association of Full MVNOs) and President of Alternative Mobile (the French MVNO association):

Why have you chosen to be present at Computex 2015?

“It’s true that we have established our reputation in the MVNO business, but in Taïpei we want to reveal our most ground-breaking development yet: SIM 901. This concept enables us to market a universal SIM card, which, once embedded in any device, allows end-users to benefit from data connectivity anywhere in the world at local rates. The R&D and international marketing teams at Transatel have been working relentlessly these past 2 years on a technology that can catapult Transatel into major league. Device manufacturers today are looking for new sources of revenue, and this is possible through connectivity and revenue sharing.

We wanted our first appearance at Computex to be a memorable one, introducing a piece of technology that makes connectivity for the end-user global, simple and accessible, but at the same time secure and reliable. The future of connected devices clearly lies in embedded connectivity, and we want to show that Transatel has the capacity, platform and infrastructure to enhance any device on the market right now with 3G/LTE.”

What makes the 901 SIM card stand out in the market?

“We have packed a unique set of solutions into one universal SIM card. The value of SIM 901 is its simplicity, ubiquity, and seamless end-user experience. 901 stands for a multi-local Mobile Network Code which, backed by Transatel’s agreements with mobile operators all over the world, builds an ideal solution for both businesses who wish to add value to their products, and end-users who wish to stay connected, wherever they may be. Device manufacturers will find it extremely convenient to embed their devices at the manufacturing stage and let the 901 SIM card reap new revenue streams for them.

From the end-user perspective, whether private or professional, digital security is a rising concern. A growing number now tend to avoid public Wifi. Using a private GSM connection is not only more compliant with data privacy and protection requirements, but also more robust in terms of connection. We all have experienced unstable Wifi connections and complicated login procedures. These troubles end with SIM 901.”

It seems your company covers a variety of markets. Could you give us an overview of Transatel?

“Transatel has been an innovative and versatile company since its inception 15 years ago in Paris. Today, we address three core sectors: MVNO, M2M and now Embedded Connectivity.

For MNVO and MtoM businesses, we operate all over Europe, from the UK and the Netherlands to Belgium and Luxembourg. And we have recently opened an office on the West Coast of the United States. One of our main strengths is our interconnected platform partnering with 7 of the biggest operators in Europe such as Orange and EE. Currently, we are managing over 80 MVNOs on our platform and more than 1.6 million SIM cards. Our ambition with the SIM 901 concept is to grow our scope and become a worldwide operator, managing tens of millions of SIM cards within a matter of years.

For Bertrand Salomon (deputy CEO and co-founder) and I, the objective has always been to build Transatel as an international provider and enabler of mobile connectivity solutions. Today, Transatel takes pride in a team of 160 dedicated, multicultural individuals working with enthusiasm to bring to life products and services that redefine expectations in worldwide connectivity.”


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