Microsoft is making a SIM card for Windows devices

A new app ‘Cellular Data’ has been rolled out by Microsoft on its store. The app will allow users of specific Windows 10 devices to have a Microsoft SIM card and to buy a data plan and connect with a nationwide mobile data network with only their Microsoft account.

Microsoft has not clearly shared about in which markets it would sell the SIM card. In information provided with the app, it has been stated that the service will be available in certain markets including France, UK and the US. The service will offer only domestic plan and international roaming offers will be soon available.

As per the company, the Cellular data app allows one to stay connected to a trusted nationwide mobile data network using just one Microsoft account. The app has been designed to solely work with Windows 10 devices and requires a Microsoft SIM card. Data plan can be purchased from any Windows Store, where network coverage is available. The company said that Wi-Fi icon in the app has to be selected and choose Cellular data from the list of networks.

Microsoft has selected Transatel to support an upcoming paid cellular data service for Windows 10. “Laptops and tablets equipped with Windows 10, a cellular broadband modem, and a Microsoft SIM Card utilizing Transatel’s 901 technology, will allow consumers to easily and conveniently purchase pre-paid 3G/4G-LTE data services”, affirmed Transatel.

Transatel will be providing the cellular data service that Windows 10 would make easy and convenient to purchase. The company is already providing 3G/4G-LTE connectivity in more than 38 nations and has plans to increase coverage to 50 nations by the end of the first quarter.

Even Apple also offers a SIM with selected models of its iPad tablet that allows users switch mobile carriers without changing their SIM when they are traveling.


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