Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced uses Transatel eSIM for global connectivity

Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced uses Transatel eSIM for global connectivity

Transatel, the IoT enabler and service provider for Microsoft’s Surface Pro with LTE advanced, promises “out-of-the-box, global cellular connectivity” directly upon opening the device “for the first time”.

Of course, any such device opening would require the user to go through the standard Windows 10 installation procedure, but with LTE Advanced-enabled devices, a selection to “connect via cellular networks directly upon opening the device for the first time” is obviously doable, as noted below.

European telco, IoT “enabler” and MVNO maestro Transatel says it has “collaborated with Microsoft for over two years to offer a worldwide cellular connectivity solution fully integrated with Windows 10”.

“As a result,” we’re told, “with the new Surface Pro with LTE Advanced, in addition to installing an external SIM card, customers can enjoy instantaneous, direct Internet access with the embedded SIM in the absence of Wi-Fi”. The company proudly boasts of being “inspired by Microsoft’s most connected laptop in its class”, which is a “comparison of supported bands and modem speed for Surface Pro with LTE Advanced vs. 12″ and 13″ LTE-enabled laptops and 2-in-1 computers”.

Transatel says it was “keen to develop a seamless customer journey within the Microsoft Store, targeting the shortest route to a commitment-free data plan.

“The cornerstone of this journey is the soldered embedded SIM (eSIM), preloaded with Transatel’s operator profile during the manufacturing process.

“Upon opening the device for the first time, the owner of a Surface Pro with LTE Advanced is a few clicks away from selecting a plan to connect the device to high-speed internet, wherever they may be in the world.

“Via its Cellular Data brand, Transatel ensures Surface Pro with LTE Advanced users both optimal data pricing and quality of service in more than 140 destinations worldwide.”

Jacques Bonifay, Transatel chief executive, said: “Transatel is committed to offering a seamless experience to the end user, as well as an additional source of profits to the laptop and tablet industry.”

Transatel describes itself as “the leading European MVNE/A (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler/Aggregator)”, and has, “since its inception in 2000, launched over 150 MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and built a strong expertise in Machine-to-Machine connectivity”.

Since 2014, the company claims to offer “an unparalleled cellular solution for global, multi-local data connectivity with eSIM capabilities for the IoT (Internet of Things), to address the connected car, connected objects, and embedded connectivity markets”.