Optus Wholesale signs network partner deal with Transatel for Australia


Optus Wholesale signs network partner deal with Transatel for Australia

Optus Wholesale has secured an agreement as the Australian network partner for European mobile virtual network company, Transatel, currently expanding its global network coverage to support its Internet of Things offering.

Under the three-year agreement, Transatel will leverage the Optus mobile network to deliver an inbound data roaming solution for its customers’ end users in Australia.

Optus says the agreement is the first of its kind for Optus Wholesale and represents a major step forward in the evolution of its wholesale IoT product suite, “helping organisations unlock the value of networks in today’s connected and global economies”.

Along with the inbound roaming access, Optus Wholesale will also provide operational and business support to Transatel.

“Optus Wholesale is delighted to be appointed as Transatel’s exclusive network partner in Australia.” said John Castro, acting managing director of Optus Wholesale and Satellite.

“The agreement between Optus and Transatel provides a foundation for global connectivity in Australia, helping industries and consumers capitalise on the growing IoT market. It ensures continuity of service and availability at a time when network connectivity is essential to nearly every facet of modern life.”

“Transatel prides itself in offering some of the industry’s most flexible and universal cellular connectivity solutions for MVNO businesses and the emerging IoT sector,” said Transatel chief executive Jacques Bonifay.

“Our commitment to delivering these services meant the reach and capabilities of the Optus network, along with the company’s continued investment in building next generation networks, were all significant factors in our decision.

“We’re excited to partner with Optus Wholesale in preparing the future of the IoT and cellular connectivity.”