Transatel wins German regulatory decision on access to Telefonica data roaming

European MVNE Transatel has won an initial ruling from the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) on better access to data roaming services. The regulator ordered Telefonica Germany to submit contracts to Transatel for wholesale roaming services for the Internet of Things (IoT) after Telefonica rejected Transatel’s earlier attempts to obtain MVNO and RLAH agreements for the German market.

With its decision, the BNetzA rejected Telefonica’s arguments that Transatel’s SIM cards did not fall under the scope of EU roaming legislation and ordered Telefonica to offer Transatel a contract on wholesale access for roaming services.

Transatel said the BNetzA’s decision was supported by an earlier opinion from Berec and helps brings down barriers to innovation in the IoT. Still, Transatel criticized that Germany remains the market with “the highest barrier to entry” for IoT providers, with German mobile operators attempting to keep “alternative players” like Transatel out of the German market, to the detriment of German and European customers.

Transatel is a provider of mobile data services for computer makers as well as a growing number of carmakers looking to offer in-vehicle connectivity. Data roaming is key to the company fulfilling the multinational contracts