Always Connected PCs will appear on 14 LTE operators worldwide

Those Windows 10 on ARM devices that we were just talking about yesterday are representative of Qualcomm and Microsoft’s “Always Connected PC” initiative. The idea is to have a PC laptop with the battery life and always-on connectivity of a smartphone. It’s going to take more than just Microsoft and Qualcomm to make that happen, though. Qualcomm just announced that it’s partnering with nine more telecom operators in addition to the five it already had.

The original announcement included China Telecom, TIM in Italy, EE in the UK, and Sprint and Verizon in the US. Today, T-Mobile and AT&T join the party in the US, as well as Swisscom in Switzerland, Telefónica in Spain, Cubic in Ireland, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, Transatel in France, CMCC in China, and Telstra in Australia. Not all of these operators will be stocking and selling the Always Connected PCs, but all of them will offer support for the devices on their networks.

There’s still no specific word from anyone on exactly when you will be able to buy one of these machines. In its announcement, Qualcomm mentions that Lenovo is joining HP and Asus in the first wave of Windows 10-on-ARM devices with the Miix 630 that we covered last month. Qualcomm says that consumers should “look for specific mobile operator announcements and offers” in the first half of 2018. Asus told Anandtech last month that it expected its NovaGo machine to launch in the second quarter of 2018, so we’d expect its competitors’ devices around that same time.