Surface pro 5 likely to feature eSIM technology, report indicates

Right off the bat, we do not know when Surface Pro 5 will launch; however, reports have been suggesting a Spring 2017 or a May 2017 launch depending on which event Microsoft chooses to show off the Surface Pro 5.

That said, we have been hearing new things almost every alternate day about the possible specifications of the Surface Pro 4 successor and from the looks of it all, the Surface Pro 5 will be packing a punch when it will be released.

The latest information we have come across is a report from German Microsoft blog, Dr. Windows that claims to have confirmed reports of a deal between Microsoft and Transatel, a global mobile provider. The deal is to sell eSIM packages on the Microsoft Store – a highly unlikely proposition considering that none of the production from Microsoft current support eSIM. This effectively means that there is something cooking at Microsoft that has eSIM as one of its ingredients.

For those of you who are not aware, eSIM is a technology that is amazing from its usefulness perspective. Consider the case of a person who need to hop onto the plane every few days to reach a new destination. This effectively means that the person would either need to have a roaming plan active all the time, or buy local SIM cards in the countries that he/she visits. That’s where eSIM comes into play!

With eSIM the SIM cards are standardized in mobile devices based on hardware. This effectively means that consumers more freedom and less obligation when choosing a data provider because eSIM automatically switches to the plan in the country where the user is located. While the average John Doe might not see this as a huge thing, business users among whom the Surface Pro and Surface Book devices have been a hit will definitely find the technology useful and much needed.

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