We build to suit your needs

Whether you're an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) or an MNO (Mobile Network Operator),
whatever the technical and/or business models you wish to set up, Transatel's enabler solutions bring you the flexibility and expertise to help you launch your project and turn your MVNO project into a reality.


Transatel is the technical sub-contractor of either the MNO or the MVNO




Business model flexibility

  • We help you optimize your  business plan
  • We determine technical optimizations for better financial performance
  • We support you in the negotiation of your contract with MNOs
  • We offer billing customization for a better control of your P&L

Technical architecture
from Light to Full MVNO

  • We design the service according to the level of technical independence you need
  • We determine complex call flows
  • We define interconnection models
  • We offer a state-of-the-art set of functionalities (Pay monthly, pay-as-you-go, Real-time control, Fixed-mobile convergence)

Agile project management

  • We deploy a tried-and-tested project methodology
  • We offer expertise and organization
  • We adapt to each client’s project specificities
  • We offer a personalized follow-up in the delivery of the service


Bertrand Salomon sheds some light on the Medialaan/Unleashed project confirming Transatel as the leading European enabler.

Bernard Solomon

Bertrand Salomon

Transatel Cofounder and Deputy CEO

"We're helping Medialaan become Belgium's 4th mobile operator."

What are the specificities of this project?

The origins of the project are what make it special. In September 2016, the European Commission decided that Medialaan (today, Unleashed) should achieve technical independence to compete effectively as a Full MVNO. This meant migrating its two successful MVNOs, Jim Mobile and Mobile Vikings, from a Light to a Full architecture.

Why was Transatel selected as enabler?

Transatel was already the leading European enabler at that time and had some understanding of the Belgian market. We were active there as an MVNO ourselves in 2002: it seems we were the country's first MVNO ever! Most importantly, though, we benefit from a Full architecture, with our core network, so our clients can achieve the independence they seek.

What are your sources of satisfaction today?

Mainly, that the migration of the subscriber base under way at this time is running smoothly, that we're on schedule, and in line with the targets. In short, that what we announced more than a year ago is actually being delivered!
Technically complex projects such as these bring along their fair share of surprises, but we've been up to the task. We do have exceptional teams and I extend my thanks to them. I'm also grateful for the encounter with two beautiful brands, Jim Mobile and Mobile Vikings, each with a strong personality and territory. They're wonderful examples of dedicated mobile offers, whose marketing and success is based on the building of an identity via a community of like-minded individuals. It's a truly modern concept and the best foundation imaginable for a mobile offer.


Transatel leverages on a long-time technical and business partnership with EE to achieve seamless customer care for this popular and regionally-rooted UK MVNO.

True to the belief that everyone should have a mobile phone and plan, Plusnet is a cost-saving, SIM-only postpaid offer with 4G and excellent service. Transatel ensures the network provisioning, real-time call control and wholesale billing.

China Mobile selected Transatel to help launch their creative new MVNO, CMLink, dedicated to the Chinese living in the UK.

This ambitious MVNO for the Chinese community abroad offers both a global data SIM and a UK mobile service, thus leveraging on Transatel's global data capabilities and the tight partnership established with EE/BT.


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