Philippe VIGNEAU

Vice president of Business Development

Philippe leads the global partnership development for all our business segments, from MVNO, through to connected vehicles, mobile devices, and the industrial IoT.

Having been instrumental in Transatel’s current position of leading European MVNO enabler, Philippe initiated and now spearheads the IoT Connect business development activities. In this role, he’s helping companies in aeronautics, automotive, car-sharing, construction, blockchain, chemical, and heating equipment, … connect their objects globally and securely and reach their industry 4.0 objectives.

Philippe develops new business model concepts to better serve our clients’ objectives, such as the MVNO model for connected vehicles and for a fully integrated Fixed-Mobile Convergence. As a pioneer in MVNO, he took part in the first MVNO launches in Northern Europe in 1999 and has participated in more than 100 MVNO inceptions throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. Prior to joining Transatel close to 20 years ago, Philippe was at American Express where he was in charge of the corporate commercial partnership development.

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