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Transatel wins ‘Best M2M/IoT MVNO Solution’ at the MNVOs World Congress 2017

Transatel secures the title of ‘Best M2M/IoT MVNO Solution’ at the 16th MVNOs World Congress that took place this week in Nice. The award aims to recognise the operators or solution providers that are scaling up or adjusting their businesses to provide exceptional IoT/M2M solutions. Today, Transatel boasts one of the world’s most advanced, robust, and flexible technical architectures and associated services to provide global embedded cellular connectivity to devices and objects manufactured or circulating worldwide.

SIM 901—the next generation global solution for connected objects and devices

The prize acknowledges the success of the launch—Microsoft, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, to name just a few of the world’s leading OEMs, are currently connecting their devices via this solution, or in the process of doing so. Thanks to agreements signed for over 120 countries and destinations, and the leveraging of a non-geographic network code (the MCC 901-37), Transatel’s unique network offers a single point of control to provide and manage the cellular connectivity of devices wherever they are manufactured, sold, or used.

Jacques Bonifay, Transatel CEO: “We’re honored to receive this prize, as an acknowledgement from the mobile community that we’re helping the market grow and strengthening the competition.  By helping introduce cellular services in the IoT ecosystem, we’re bringing new revenue streams to MNOs and device manufacturers. We’re also helping onboard new players, data MVNOs, into the world of connected objects, whether they be laptops, tablets, automobiles, trackers… thus opening a world of opportunity in a data-hungry environment.”

For more information, please visit transatel-sim901.com

About Transatel

Founded in 2000, Transatel is a telecommunications company offering technological services for activities ranging from mobile telephony to the Internet of Things. Spanning the BtoB and BtoC markets, the company acts both as a mobile operator (mobile virtual network operator or MVNO) and as an enabler of mobile services (MVNO enabler or MVNE; aggregator or MNVA; Machine to Machine or M2M enabler). Transatel delivers connectivity to over 1.7 million SIM cards. With over 75% of its revenues generated outside of France, the 180-strong company has offices in France, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United States.



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