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Covid-19 lockdown and beyond: Working from home made easy and secure with Ubigi’s new, instant 3G/4G bundles!

Paris, May 6th, 2020

Secured cellular connectivity solutions, enabling hassle-free teleworking, were already in high demand before the lockdown. They have now become a downright necessity for the future. Working from home often results in network overload, due to simultaneous usage (webinars and online meetings, VOD platforms, streaming…). Moreover, as anyone knows, Wi-Fi performance is never identical in every room of a residence. This considerably impacts working conditions for many people and, furthermore, exposes their professional data to cyber-attacks… To address these new concerns, Ubigi launched, from the very beginning of the crisis, specific bundles designed to facilitate and secure a home office. These bundles adapt to your requirements, wherever you reside, because Ubigi gives you instant connectivity via the best available network, in over 160 countries! Last, because the sales process is entirely digital, you avoid the postal or delivery issues associated with a physical SIM card. Today, the brand has reduced its rates further, to make its Home Office bundles even more attractive than before.

Efficient connectivity: The #1 requirement for a home office

Though most households are equipped with an internet provider’s box, ADSL or other, some don’t benefit from adequate connectivity, depending on their home’s location, or that of their work space within the home (weak or unreliable Wi-Fi, limited bandwidth, etc.). Surprisingly, in most developed countries, approximately one out of four adults actually avoid subscribing to home broadband (27%).

Working from home requires perfectly secured remote access to company data and resources. Teleworking increases cyber risk, as it exposes sensitive professional data to unsecured home Wi-Fi networks. Households do not offer from the same level of security for internet access as companies do, where dedicated teams monitor the network. Home Wi-Fi is a potential entry point for hackers.

Technically, a company computer connected to a home Wi-Fi network is in direct contact with all the other devices using the same network, namely personal devices. These have a higher probability of malware infection, via the download or streaming of free content.

Relying on an independent source of 3G/4G therefore adds an extra layer of protection in the face of cybercrime: that’s exactly what Ubigi offers. Thanks to Ubigi, the device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) can be systematically isolated from a home’s Wi-Fi network, the latter potentially harboring infected devices or trojan horses.

Ubigi’s cellular connectivity, a great alternative to Wi-Fi

Ubigi’s connectivity offers many advantages for stress-free and efficient remote work:

  • It adapts to any mobile device: smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • It’s instantaneous: thanks to the eSIM, there’s no need for the delivery of a physical SIM card, difficult during lockdown
  • It secures your professional and personal data
  • The prepaid bundles are attractively priced, wherever you may reside (or almost)
  • It lets you, in certain countries, benefit from several mobile operators’ networks, giving you the best coverage available

Ubigi’s connectivity solution (3G/4G) therefore adapts to every personal situation and prepares the ground for productive remote work. Ubigi launched its Home Office bundles as a limited offer to enable employees to seamlessly continue their activity from home.

Productive homeworking, thanks to Ubigi’s limited-edition prepaid data bundles

To give everyone access to the advantages of cellular technologies, Ubigi has been offering, since the beginning of the world crisis, specific bundles for the home office, which are now available at reduced prices. With these bundles, anyone can benefit from quality networks, speed, and security, at local prices anywhere in the world. Ubigi’s 10GB bundles will easily cover your home office needs.

About Ubigi

Ubigi is Transatel’s new customer-facing brand for worldwide cellular connectivity dedicated to the Internet of Things. The service offers “always connected” wireless capabilities for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and automobiles, at near-to-local rates in over 160 countries and destinations.

About Transatel

Now a member company of NTT Group, one of the largest telecom companies in the world, Transatel offers an unparalleled, eSIM-capable, cellular solution for global and secure IoT connectivity. Since its inception in 2000, the company has launched over 170 MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), establishing Transatel as the leading European MVNE/A (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler/Aggregator). Having acquired expertise in Machine-to-Machine connectivity, the company easily transitioned into the Internet of Things, where it now addresses the three market segments of automotive, laptops and tablets, and the industrial IoT.

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