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Jacques Bonifay est speaker au IoT Tech Expo Europe à Berlin! Suivez ce lien pour nous rencontrer…

Our CEO Jaques Bonifay will be discussing the future of the connected vehicle ecosystem at this year’s IoT Tech Expo on June 2nd at the Estrel Berlin.

  • Exploring the connected vehicle ecosystem in 2017 from self- driving cars & ADAS to motorcycles
  • Aims for a seamless customer experience and the obstacles to be overcome to provide this.
  • Visions of the more connected and autonomous future for vehicles and mobility.
  • Thinking of the car as more than a connected device but a platform for apps and services.
  • The role of partnerships within the connected car ecosystem, from start-ups to enterprises.

Moderator: Laurianne Krid, Policy Director, FIA Region I office, FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile)

Jacques Bonifay, CEO and Co-founder, Transatel
Vincent Hervo, Product Manager, IDnomic
Thomas Brenner, VP, Digital Life & Research, Development Digital Services, BMW Group
Luca Sacchi, Head of Strategic Innovation, SVP, Piaggio Group


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