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Connectivity anytime, anywhere, on any device: Transatel opens new opportunities for Consumer Electronic Brands on the burgeoning embedded connectivity market

Apple’s quiet release of its Apple SIM has recently disrupted the embedded connectivity market. Not only does this technology allow users to switch mobile carriers without changing their SIM card, but this new technology also paves the way for a future where device manufacturers will be connectivity resellers or even connectivity providers.

Transatel, an innovative French company and leader within the mobile services market, anticipated this market trend long ago and developed a new product, offering device manufacturers an end-to-end embedded connectivity solution. This innovative technology based on the multi-local 901 mobile network code allows device manufacturers to delivers global 3G/LTE services to their end-users with one unique SIM card.

Consumer mobile broadband usage is increasing on connected devices, driven by 4G adoption and the need to be always connected, anywhere, anytime. With 30 billion connected devices expected by 20201, the forecasted growth in Connectivity and the Internet of Things markets clearly ensures a bright future forthis innovative connectivity solution.

According to Jacques Bonifay, CEO of Transatel:
« Most laptops, tablets, cameras and wearables rely on Wi-Fi connectivity which is not always available or easy to use. The future is clearly moving towards fully embedded connectivity using both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks. »

SIM 901: a cost-effective and flexible embedded connectivity solution for device manufacturers

A global SIM ready to go out of the box: SIM 901 provides local plug-and-play 3G/LTE connectivity in multiple countries thanks to Transatel’s agreements with mobile operators across the world. Transatel ensures excellent global coverage and negotiates local rates around the world for the benefit of businesses and end-users.

Simplified and cost-efficient service delivery: Transatel provides device manufacturers with a single interface to deliver all services around the world. Transatel’s mutualised infrastructure ensures the lowest operational costs to manage device connectivity and subscriptions for end-users across the world. Furthermore, Transatel 901 SIM provides additional features to consumer devices allowing manufacturers to deploy cloud services.

Business Model flexibility: Transatel’s strategy is not only to free device manufacturers from the technical challenges of embedded connectivity, but also to leverage its 14 years of expertise within the telecommunications industry to offer them the best operational assistance to deliver their connectivity services. Transatel SIM 901 solution can be deployed under different business models: from a white label turnkey solution operated by Transatel, to the classical Enabler or Aggregator models providing all the technical tools to enable device manufacturers to manage their data offers and services on their own.

Jacques Bonifay said:
« We are proud to have developed the ultimate embedded connectivity solution for this burgeoning market. SIM 901 provides global, reliable, and secure connectivity to consumers’ laptops, tablets, and even cars. Our model can go a step further than the AppleSIM, as not only does SIM 901 allow device manufacturers to sell their own connectivity services, but it does so globally and at local rates. »

Transatel will attend the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas next January to present its SIM 901 Solution.

About Transatel:
Transatel is a pan-European telecommunications company founded in 2000 and established in France, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Transatel has 3 main activities: MVNE, MVNO, and M2M.

As an MVNE/A, Transatel offers a turnkey solution for companies who want to launch an MVNO and market their own mobile service. Transatel’s platform is interconnected with 7 of the biggest operators in Europe (Bouygues Telecom and Orange France, Orange Switzerland, Everything Everywhere in the UK, Base and Mobistar in Belgium, and Tango in Luxembourg) which guarantees the highest possible quality of service for its partners. Transatel’s platform currently manages more than 650,000 SIM cards for 80 MVNOs.

As an MVNO, Transatel offers tailor-made packages for frequent-travellers and cross-border professionals under its own brands: Transatel Mobile, Eurokeitai, and Transatel Rental. Finally, as an M2M solutions provider, Transatel allows M2M players to add airtime connectivity to their services and applications. Transatel’s main M2M partners are Everything Everywhere UK and Orange Switzerland, for whom Transatel manages close to 1 million M2M SIMs.

For more information, please visit www.transatel-901.com and www.transatel.com

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