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New 1GB Data Bundles from Transatel DataSIM Just in Time for Summer

Transatel DataSIM expands its portfolio with new data bundles intended for specific zones and countries available via the commercial website (www.transatel-datasim.com). Transatel DataSIM makes it easy to convert credit or to recharge bundles at any time, so users are covered whenever and wherever they go.

Transatel DataSIM bundles are here to stay and will keep expanding their coverage

Transatel DataSIM proposes new data bundles fittingly grouped in specific zones and countries. Unlike the previous bundles, these are organized by consistent geographic zones. Currently, Transatel offers 3 passes, each equipped with 1GB: Euro Pass , Euro Pass+ , and Asia Pass . Transatel also provides country-specific bundles, also carrying 1GB, for France, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and their newest addition, Brazil. Transatel strives to offer the greatest coverage worldwide and will keep introducing bundles for new countries.

Significant savings for data consumers worldwide

Since staying connected is such a high priority for travelers, families, and business executives, it’s not surprising that their data usage has skyrocketed in the past year. In 2015, global mobile data traffic grew a large 74% and the average smartphone data usage by 43% . This upward trend in data consumption is set to continue to rise in the coming years.

Transatel anticipates this growing trend by providing better deals for data bundles. As compared with the existing credit offers, in which Transatel already holds the lowest price for France and Taiwan, the new bundles are even more aggressively priced. Some of Transatel’s bundles present more than a 15% discount for their existing customers: France a 23% discount, Spain 19%, Switzerland 19%, and the United Kingdom a large 31%.

Not only is Transatel making data accessible, but these cost saving bundles allow for more mobility within countries too. SIM cards are easily rechargeable online through the customer webapp which accepts all international bank cards. The new bundle offers are presently recharge-exclusive, meaning consumers are not able to buy a SIM card with a bundle already included. However, existing credit can be converted into a bundle easily at any time to start saving.

For more information, please visit the website at transatel-datasim.com

About Transatel
For the past 15 years, Transatel has been offering, through a technical platform and associated services, a solution helping a diversity of players meet their market for mobile telephony and data connectivity. The company is positioned either as an enabler of mobile services in a BtoB context (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler), acting as third party and adapting to multiple business models, or as a mobile operator (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) with a BtoC retail activity.
Transatel’s 5 areas of expertise (MVNO, MVNE/A, Machine-to-Machine, embedded connectivity, and multi-local data connectivity) cover the extent of possible airtime offerings, currently delivering connectivity to over 1.7M SIM cards.
With 70% of its revenues generated abroad, the 180-strong company is established in France, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United States.


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