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Transatel To Offer Data Plans in Windows Store via eSIM-Compatible Solution

Paris, December 15th, 2016 – Microsoft announced on December 8th a range of new features and experiences for its customers in 2017 in the wake of Windows 10 updates. Among them are mentioned cellular data offers available via the Windows Store, empowering customers to switch from Wi-fi to cellular networks when needed. The upcoming Windows 10 releases offer “Always On” capabilities for laptop or tablet customers on-the-go, unwilling to let temporary connectivity issues hinder their productivity, reachability, or leisure opportunities.

Transatel’s SIM 901, the solution enabling devices’ cellular connectivity, supports the eSIM. It frees OEMs from form-factor dependency and facilitates end-users’ auto-registration within the Store.

SIM 901 is also network agnostic and multi-local, as it relies on a non-geographic Mobile Network Code, the 901-37. Extending its local coverage–as opposed to roaming—to over 100 countries and destinations by end of 2016, Transatel’s SIM 901 solves many manufacturing obstacles regarding SIM card installation and user registration.

Thanks to SIM 901, Transatel can partner with OEMs to provide them an out-of-the-box connected experience without the hassle of bundling a different carrier SIM in every market.

Transatel’s unique, global technical architecture enables connectivity via cellular networks anywhere in the world. Multiple devices can be managed from a single point of control, ensuring a consistent environment and service level, all the while facilitating data analysis and regular improvement of the user experience through constant feedback. In developing the solution with Microsoft, priority was given to the quality of the customer journey in the acquisition of data and monitoring of data usage within the Store.

Jacques Bonifay, Transatel CEO: “We’re excited to get this inventive connectivity concept off the ground with Microsoft. Everything about the project is innovative, from enabling and manufacturing to user experience and data offers. Presence within the Windows Store is proof that we don’t simply offer cellular connectivity. We deliver comprehensive solutions that are tailor-made to our partners’ branding, go-to-market and technical requirements.”

About Transatel

Founded in 2000, Transatel is a telecommunications company offering technological services for activities ranging from mobile telephony to the Internet of Things. Spanning the BtoB and BtoC markets, the company acts both as a mobile operator (mobile virtual network operator or MVNO) and as an enabler of mobile services (MVNO enabler or MVNE; aggregator or MNVA; Machine to Machine or M2M enabler). Transatel delivers connectivity to over 1.7 million SIM cards. With close to 70% of its revenues generated abroad, the 180-strong company has offices in France, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United States.


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