In this week’s issue of Challenges Magazine: Transatel is the telco market’s “troublemaker”

Challenges’ #605 issue for week April 11-17 dedicates the Strategy section of the magazine to telecom, and titles (page 56-58):

Enterprise telecoms: the troublemakers that are playing doorkeeper, by Léa Lejeune and Paul Loubière.

 Along with the CEOs of Celeste and Coriolis, the two other innovative companies in France, Jacques Bonifay, Transatel CEO, explains how small/niche players represent the future of classic MVNO and IoT. Creativity and lack of boundaries—Transatel was the first operator of its type in Japan for Vaio—are very attractive to the large MNOs. NTT Group is one of them, that recently took a majority stake in Transatel.

Challenge is the 3rd business magazine in France, with over 200K copies sold/week.

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