Chinese MVNO delegation visits Transatel

On 27-May-2019, Transatel received a Chinese MVNO delegation which was on its Europe tour for studying the local MVNO market. This tour was also covered in the Chinese media.

Transatel CEO Jacques Bonifay said: « Compared to many MVNO companies, we are more like a MVNE company. Transatel can help companies that want to become MVNO in many markets around the world, if Chinese companies need to quickly build overseas business capabilities, No doubt we are a good choice. » Compared with the above two companies, China Telecom (Europe) Co., Ltd., as a Chinese company that conducts MVNO business overseas, has pushed this survey and exchange activity to a climax. Ms. Xie Hui, Deputy General Manager of Mobile Business Department of China Telecom (Europe) Co., Ltd. said: “We are very welcome to come here to visit and exchange. We hope to help more Chinese companies to come out through the experience of China Telecom’s overseas business over the years. To avoid unnecessary detours. »