Let’s innovate

We’re a company inspired and driven by the new economy.

Whether you’re working directly with Transatel or simply benefiting from our technology, you’re participating in our mission to shape the future of mobile connectivity. We’re still infused with the enthusiasm and creativity of our start-up days, resulting in technology that is cutting edge and developed to exacting standards. Multiple European professional organizations have recognized Transatel’s contribution to innovation in the mobile connectivity market.

We continuously invest in innovation to achieve best-in-class results.

French R&D

  • MOBISIP: IMS architecture for MVNOs
  • SOLIDORE: smartphone / tablet security
  • EXOTICUS: IMS experimentation services
  • MOBEMO: NFC services for corporate markets

European R&D

  • SEIMONET: transparent mobility between WiMax and 3G
  • EXPESHARE: multimedia expert community


  • Manufacturers: Alcatel-Lucent, Gemalto, Nokia, NXP
  • Laboratories: France Telecom R&D, Fraunhofer, Telecom Sud Paris, Telefonica R&D, University of Rome
  • SMEs: Brieftec, Deveryware, Ingelys, Kutalab