Cellular connectivity solutions for Renewable Energies

Our M2M SIM cards connect your IoT energy solutions that enable your business to optimize operations and energy consumption.

Connected IoT solar panels in rural areas

Improve the operating expenses and productivity of your smart solar grid network by adopting IoT cellular connectivity. We enable consistent connectivity, data collection even in off-grid locations, and effortless solar energy management.

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Connected photovoltaic assets in urban areas

Deploying assets in cities can require a lot of structural engineering for power supply. This hassle can be managed by switching the power source to a small photovoltaic system. We provide you with connectivity to remotely monitor and configure your assets.

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Connected smart onshore wind farms

Wind farms are remotely located which makes it difficult to send staff to monitor them. Deploying cellular connectivity can be a good step to remotely monitor your wind turbines, send commands, or use blockchain to certify the environmental impact of this power production.

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Connected smart offshore wind farms

Offshore wind farms offer great performance and community acceptance, but this comes with the challenge of finding a solution that ensures good connectivity for data collection. We enable your offshore wind farms to stay connected and, unlike satellite access or a landline, this solution won't ruin your P&L.

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We work together to transition to a more sustainable energy model

Transatel provides connectivity to Ledger Origin‘s hardware. Our solution allows the safe transfer of data collected at the source (wind turbines, solar panels, or hydropower) as well as the certification of green energy production using blockchain technology. Our innovative partnership has been recognized by several industry awards.
Terre Solaire
Terre Solaire installs photovoltaic panels for companies, local authorities, and farms. Transatel’s connectivity allows smart metering usage.
Soltea Photovoltaique
Soltea Energie uses Transatel’s SIM 901 in their photovoltaic panels. Our connectivity enables data communication in their devices.
Transatel provides the cellular connectivity that powers the smart meters in GED Energy's solar panels.
Monitoring Sun Pro-Tech
Specializing in the deployment and maintenance of photovoltaic installations, Monitoring Sun Pro-Tech has chosen Transatel as its smart connectivity partner.
Transatel is participating in this ecological transition project in the Quint Valley (France) by providing the cellular technology necessary for the management and coordination of the various projects.

Why choose Transatel’s cellular connectivity solution?

Truly worldwide

Global service with regional infrastructures for maxed bandwidth and low latency

Great coverage

Our SIMs attach to the strongest signal available locally

SIM management

A single web portal to manage all your SIM cards and control your fleet invoice

Optimized prices

From low to high usage, our prices are tailored for your project

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