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French Mobile Numbers

We host and route your mobile numbers in France

From deploying a secondary mobile number application without a SIM card to integrating voice and SMS services into your customer relationship platform, Transatel operates and hosts your virtual mobile numbers in France. This allows you to develop innovative telecom offers and unify your clients' communications while complying with French regulatory requirements.

Transatel operates and hosts your French virtual mobile numbers

​Our teams advise and assist you from obtaining a range of mobile numbers from ARCEP to their technical implementation, in compliance with current telecom norms and regulations in France. Our APIs allow you to easily connect your platform to our network core to offer your users all the voice and SMS features they need.

Calls and SMS to your virtual mobile numbers are collected by Transatel.
They go through Transatel's core network and are then securely transferred to you (number and protocol verification).
Transatel also securely routes calls and SMS from your virtual numbers to their recipients. You can also initiate external calls.

Offer secondary numbers without a SIM

Quickly deploy a secondary mobile number application without a SIM card using our virtual mobile telephony solution. This allows you to easily manage your users by assigning them a virtual mobile number from your application interface. You protect their anonymity and confidentiality of their personal data while promoting a better balance between their personal and professional lives.

Enhance your customer relationship with mobile

Voice and SMS services are now essential to your B2B and B2C sales and customer relationship processes. By integrating our virtual number routing solution into your CRM, you can:​ ​

  • Have simplified access to the French market with international communications at national rates​
  • Retain call history and recordings​
  • Increase the chances of your users responding by displaying a French mobile number for calls to French contacts

Secure and personalize your communications

Does your application connect your clients with service providers (such as drivers or couriers)? By enabling your clients to communicate exclusively through your platform using virtual mobile numbers, you ensure:​ ​

  • The security of exchanges between users of your application​
  • The confidentiality of their personal data​
  • The ability to track their conversations and preferences

Switch to P2P mode with SMS

  • Personalized SMS messages that can include calls to action (CTAs), surveys or questionnaires​
  • Simplified management of a large number of interpersonal conversations by your users through your interface​
  • SMS notifications from the account manager​
  • Collection of customer information, their preferences, and their needs​
  • Private/anonymous communications

Stay compliant with your industry requirements

Many industries such as banking, finance, or insurance are required to comply with strict rules regarding the confidentiality and security of data exchanged with their clients. Transatel helps you meet the regulatory requirements of your industry by allowing you to record voice calls and SMS received and sent by your French virtual mobile numbers.

Why choose Transatel ?​

Choosing the right telecom partner is essential to the success of your business!​


Transatel has over 20 years of experience in the B2C and B2B mobile telephony market.

The leading aggregator in Europe

We already host over 100 virtual mobile operators (MVNOs) and 1.2 million subscribers.

Technical & regulatory expertise

at the service of companies wishing to integrate over-the-top (OTT) mobile telephony features.

and agility

Our services combine the reliability of an MNO operator with the flexibility of a start-up to meet your needs.​

A simple and fast process for activating your mobile numbers in France

Transatel accompanies you in the realization of your project from its conception to its implementation.​

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