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LTE/5G to work from anywhere

secure connectivity solution for your mobile workforce, worldwide

Transatel instantly connects your nomadic employees with a multi-operator SIM designed to connect to the best network available in our footprint, anywhere in the world in over 200 destinations.

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Our Services

Our services

1. Global LTE/5G coverage in more than 200 destinations

2. Enhanced security with private APN

3. SIM management with our class-leading web portal


Your benefits

1. Deploy your solution worldwide In all the countries you operate in

2. Our SIM is secure by design and we can secure your data transmissions
as well as allow you to apply your policy rules

3. Track your spending and save like a boss!

For your mobile and international employees

Empower your employees with immediate and reliable connectivity for all their corporate devices:

  • Cellular-equipped devices for field and task workers
  • (e)SIM-enabled laptops and tablets for remote workers
  • SIM and eSIM-ready corporate smartphones
  • Cloud-based devices such as Chromebooks for knowledge workers… and any other SIM or eSIM compatible device!

How does Transatel enhance your company
network’s security for remote work?

Data breaches can place your company at risk. Mobile Workplace Connect can help you avoid that.

With traffic routing, you can isolate your company’s data traffic from the public internet and apply your data security policy rules. Your data traffic is routed directly to your own data centre or cloud provider, over IPSec, cross-connect or leased lines.

Instantly switch traffic routes without changing your APN!

How does Transatel ensure worldwide
data connectivity performance?

Lower latency, maximum bandwidth.

Transatel has invested in telecom infrastructures in Europe, North America and Asia to ensure that your employees can enjoy the best quality of service with low-latency and maximum bandwidth anywhere in the world.

As part of the NTT group, Transatel will further improve performances with new infrastructures in different parts of the world.

Pricing schemes designed
for flexibility and cost predictability

Pay per useFor flexibility

Monthly fee per SIM
+ price per MB
per country

I need flexibility: We recommend Pay-per-use: a monthly fee per SIM + price per MB per country. Each of your SIMs is billed for its exact, individual usage.

Capped bundlesFor cost predictability

Monthly fee per SIM
+ price per additional bundle provisioned on the SIMs

I need more cost predictability We recommend Capped bundles: a monthly fee per SIM + price per additional bundles provisioned on the SIMs. Each SIM is invoiced based on the bundles provisioned during a given month.

Mobile Workplace Connect in a nutshell

No technical

Benefit from plug & play connectivity! Your employees can start working with a secure access to your company information systems as soon as they equip their device with our (e)SIM.


No roaming charges for your
international and mobile workers.

A secure LTE/5G connectivity solution for your employees worldwide

Free yourself and your workforce from the limitations of a single mobile network operator: with Transatel’s Smart SIM, get access to the best network signal available from any mobile operator in our network, anywhere in the world. Our cellular data solution is independent, just as your network should be! We can connect all your devices at local rates for data in over 200 destinations.

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