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Why did they join Transatel?

Who better than our employees to talk about Transatel and the opportunities that it can bring?
We are proud to present the testimonies of some Transatelians, describing their journey and what drives them on a daily basis.

"Transatel offers tremendous career opportunities for talents with all backgrounds and experience."

"To arrive at Transatel, I experienced a unique recruitment process. The HR was reactive and efficient and the members of staff I spoke to were very open and clear. Afterward, all the promises made were kept. In my opinion, Transatel is the ideal place for those who are interested in pursuing a technological career. You can really evolve and gain skills in an innovative environment with very technical projects and solutions that are cutting-edge (connected cars, e-sim, the launch of operators with innovative billing systems, etc.)."


Head of Mobile Telephony Marketing

"I arrived as a contractor for the role of Java developer and was then able to move up to the permanent position of Tech Lead. At Transatel, in the IT teams, women have the power; we feel heard, respected and we are treated equally to the men. Technologies are not imposed on us, there is a lot of discussion and mutual support."


Tech Lead

"What is exciting at Transatel is the fact that the operational staff have the possibility to participate in the design or evolution of the offers/features. Moreover, our various technical architectures allow us to work on different subjects every day. It's both challenging and motivating because we are constantly reflecting on our business and our skills. We can develop both our technical and relational skills, with our core "in-house" technologies and close contact with our customers."


Head of Technical Operations Team

"Every month, we attend a Global Meeting where we are presented with new contracts signed, evolution of figures, new arrivals, etc. This allows us to have a good view of the growth of the business and the perspectives of Transatel. In addition, conferences are regularly organized to share the core of our business, the respective markets, best practices, methodologies, and internal processes. All these events help to unify and motivate the teams."


Head of Client Service Management

"With the transversality of our positions, we have a global vision of the company which allows us to determine the future needs in terms of organization. At the age of 27, Transatel put their trust in me by allowing me to create these necessary positions and to become a Manager even though I did not have much experience in the subjects. Today these positions have 100% success in the organization and are still present today."


IoT Sales Manager

"My proudest achievement? To have succeeded in recruiting employees from all over the world and to see them evolve on a daily basis, increase their skills, and above all blossom at Transatel. I really appreciate working in an international and convivial environment where Human Resources are at the heart of the company."


HR Business Partner

"When I created the Pricing team, I had to start from scratch. Accompanied by the Product and Market Managers, I built the offers, the pricing structure and the internal processes. Through regular contact with the CEO, I learned to be demanding, to improve my working methods and my presentations; I am constantly learning. Working with the top management, the importance that my job has taken in the organization and the salary committees every 6 months are very rewarding for me."


Pricing Manager

"My job requires a lot of creativity and a need to know about all the latest trends. At Transatel, I was always given the time I needed to keep up to date with the latest developments in my field and in technical software. And when you create and manage the identity of several B2B and B2C brands, from print to web, including HMI and mobile applications, this is extremely valuable."


Artistic Director

"What I personally like about Transatel, which is probably linked to my generalist education at CentraleSupélec, is that I get to work in all our areas of innovation. You can test your ideas and you have the means to deploy them and create entire businesses on specialized subjects, such as 5G private networks or satellites. In addition, the speed with which you can change jobs allows for constant intellectual fulfillment, and you can develop quickly, thanks in particular to the strong HR presence in career support."


Product Manager

"Starting at Transatel after 15 years abroad, I was pleasantly surprised by the goodwill and the time I was given to readapt to French culture. I appreciate the "test and learn" spirit: all ideas are welcome and easily implemented. We are encouraged to test and innovate to improve performance. I like the freedom of action and the autonomy we are given. In addition, we work with people from all over the world, which means diversity and inclusion are very much present, values that I feel are important."


Consumer Cellular Connectivity E-Commerce Manager

"The focus of our sales positions is to nurture and develop an ecosystem of complex sales in a long cycle. We have an advisory role by accompanying our customers in order to work with them and determine the best solution. We rely on the marketing team to help adjust our offers and create new ones. We don't have a routine, we touch on everything. The teams work well together, and people are always available and listen to each other. We feel that we are all working towards the same goal."


Mobile Telephony Sales Manager

"On a human level, Transatel is an attractive challenge; employees share a great bond, and it is a real community where we can always ask for help. The availability of our collegues allows us to learn, to understand all the business, and to evolve in the company."



"I joined Transatel after spending more than 10 years between London and Warsaw working in telecom, while also owning a restaurant. In my 6 years at Transatel, I've had the chance to work in 3 different positions and my current monitoring position is the most exciting: We have a large amount of autonomy to come up with ideas to maintain and improve our architecture. Finally, the feeling of being paid to learn and progress (without forgetting the various bonuses and profit-sharing) remains very pleasant."


Monitoring Admin

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