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Let’s innovate together!

We’re a member of the GSMA taskforce on the eSIM

To prepare the future of the IoT and embedded cellular connectivity, and sharing this responsibility with leading worldwide electronics and telecom firms, Transatel has been contributing to the shaping of industry standards.

While already providing a global solution for consumer electronic devices in the form of a universal, network and form factor-agnostic SIM card, SIM 901, Transatel is keen to support the new industry standard for a new breed of SIM card, dedicated to consumer electronics.

We’ve been part of European and French research programs for the past 15 years

We’re part of the Systematic Paris Region Digital Ecosystem, the main French Competitiveness Cluster. Voted Champions for the Region in 2011, we’re now connected to initiatives representing the best France has to offer in terms of technology to the rest of the world.

We are repeatedly selected in calls for Research and Development projects, and take part in programs bringing together reputed firms, universities and research laboratories.

We’re an active member of the MVNO Europe and Alternative Telecom associations

As a member of these organizations, we’ve developed a keen understanding of the importance of innovation.

Being an alternative telecom operator only makes sense if you can innovate and differentiate. Whether the novelty is purely technical, or creativity takes the shape of an inventive new business model, Transatel is always ahead of the curve for cellular connectivity solutions in its different verticals.



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