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Cellular IoT connectivity solutions for Smart Mobility

From charging stations to connected bikes and e-scooters, Transatel multi-network M2M SIM cards provide you with global 3G/4G/5G and LTE-M connectivity across more than 200 destinations, worldwide.

Connected charging stations for electronic vehicles

The increasing number of electric vehicles rely on the sparse mesh of EV charging stations. Multiple issues such as the availability of nearby stations, utility rates, and a good management portal, could be solved by using IoT to connect them. Smart charging stations will require a network that allows them to be online all the time so that they are visible to customers. We provide you with an international cellular connectivity service to make data transmission easy, secure as well as within your operating expenditure limits.

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Free floating e-scooters and shared bikes

Reliable connectivity is needed to ensure that electric vehicles work flawlessly, are always available, are easy to find, and are always fully powered. We can customize your solution to the needs of the telemetry module of your vehicle. We provide low-latency cellular M2M connectivity for your smart scooters and bikes fleet, which will attach to the strongest available network near you while keeping your costs under control.

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Solutions for rider safety

The IoT solutions for helmets and handlebars help to improve the safety of the drivers of two-wheelers. We offer connectivity solutions to enable projects for smart helmets and handlebars for bikes and motorcycles. We’re here to help you ensure the safety of others.

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We work together to enable smart mobility

Transatel provides cellular connectivity for Izivia‘s electric vehicle charging stations in Europe. They chose Transatel’s solution for its support during the deployment of the connectivity project.
Transatel provides cellular connectivity for Comodule's connected devices for shared mobility (bicycles and scooters). They chose Transatel’s solution for its global coverage.
Xee Eliocity
Xee partners with Transatel to connect vehicles, collect and value mobility data. From OEM and automakers to insurance and smart cities applications, we provide turnkey solutions to the mobility industry including devices, platforms, and worldwide connectivity.
Sheeld’s telematics solution relies on Transatel’s cellular connectivity across Europe. Our SIM cards enable data, SMS and voice connectivity for eCall and bCall in Sheeld’s devices while also implementing geolocalisation and maintenance of their vehicles.
Canoo leverages Transatel’s global cellular connectivity solution for testing its highly innovative and futuristically-designed electricity powered van.

Why choose Transatel’s cellular connectivity solution?

Truly Worldwide

Global service with regional infrastructures for maxed bandwidth and low latency

Strongest Coverage

Our SIMs attach to the strongest signal available locally

SIM Management

A single web portal to manage all your SIM cards, control your fleet and invoice

Optimized Prices

From low to high usage, our prices are tailored for your project

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