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Worldwide Cellular IoT Connectivity for Healthcare

Securely connect your medical devices and health applications to the cloud in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or LTE-M with our multi-network M2M SIM cards. Together, let’s advance the Internet of Medical Things for greater patient outcomes!

Remote patient monitoring

We connect your monitoring devices so you can collect and analyze patients' clinical data. We help you transfer this valuable information, securely, and in real-time, from anywhere to everywhere in the world. Benefit from carrier-grade security as well as connectivity to the strongest network available locally.

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Sensor telemetry for medical devices

Connected health devices with sensors make your healthcare operations efficient. Enable sensor telemetry by embedding SIM cards in blood pressure devices, smart scales, sanitizing gel dispensers, etc. We provide you with M2M SIM cards that let your medical device sensors securely transmit data in real-time with a global, reliable and an always available connectivity.

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Tracking of medical assets

When lives are at stake, tracking your medicines, vaccines or medical devices' life-cycle becomes crucial. We provide you the global cellular connectivity that will allow real-time asset tracking and the ability to remotely collect data from the sensors of your medical equipment. Our solution allows you to scale at no extra cost and also take advantage of our blazing fast SIM management platform.

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Smart wearables for monitoring health

Stay connected with your medically cared ones, without any constraints of time or place. Our always on cellular connectivity enables remote medical services such as prevention, diagnosis and treatment compliance by keeping patients, physicians and server-side platforms interconnected. From glucose trackers to sensors for stroke patients, our multi-networks SIM cards can send emergency texts or make calls when there is no data service.

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We work together to enable smarter healthcare

Koovea's temperature monitoring and tracking solutions for medical devices are equipped with Transatel's M2M SIM cards.
UBI Solutions
The connected masks by UBI Solutions are washable masks that are embedded with a RFID chip which uses Transatel's SIM card. This initiative limits waste and reduces production load. When the smart masks are scanned, the user can get information on the smartphone app about the number of washes left.
CompuGroup Medical
CGM supports physicians and doctors in their shift to digital products and services. Our SIM 901 serves as back-up routers, or primary access in remote areas, to their telecom solutions.
Aquama provides a 100% biodegradable sanitizing gel. Transatel's SIM card in their gel dispensers ensures that their sensors function without interruption and the terminals can distribute gel without contact.
Ucare‘s smart watch is designed for elderly people and can send an alert message in the event of a fall. Transatel's SIM cards embedded in these watches ensure that these devices are reliable and always connected at the hour of need.

Why choose Transatel’s cellular connectivity solution?

Worldwide Service

Avoid roaming cost with a single international multi-networks SIM card

Secure Connectivity

Protect your network from the inside out with our end-to-end solutions

Strongest Coverage

We cover the world with 200+ direct network access agreements

Optimized Prices

From low to high usage, benefit from prices tailored for your project

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