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Cellular IoT connectivity solution for Industrial manufacturing

Our multi-network M2M SIM cards allow you to connect your sensors, robots and industrial applications in 3G, 4G, 5G and LTE-M anywhere in the world. Together, we find innovative solutions to automate and optimize your production and maintenance processes. We also support you in setting up secure private cellular networks in your factories and industrial sites.

Predictive maintenance of connected machines

Out of all your machines, there's always one that just won't stay connected. Enhance your industrial productivity by proactively avoiding downtimes and collecting data from your smart machines. Our multi-network SIM cards make it possible to transmit real-time data necessary for the detection of anomalies and for the remote maintenance of your equipment.

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Field maintenance with augmented reality

Leveraging augmented reality to enable remote field maintenance allows the optimization of many industrial processes in your factories. AR glasses and AR headsets empower field workers to reduce ergonomic problems of their assembly lines. Our M2M SIM cards and network infrastructures give your technicians the connectivity they need for maintenance operations in the field with minimum latency, anywhere in the world.

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Automated production lines

Wired or Wi-Fi connections in your factories are often insufficient to keep your production robots connected. In order to prevent network failures and ensure continuous availability of your industrial robots, our M2M SIM cards provide LTE / 5G connectivity even when your wired network goes down. Our 99.99% uptime goal ensures your machines stay ready to be used whenever you want with maximum efficiency.

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Smart metering

Monitor your assets efficiently by collecting their high value data. To enable smart metering in your factory, you must ensure that the IoT devices scan data from meters and automatically upload the information to IT systems, without interruption. We provide end-to-end security options to ensure your data stays private and that no one inserts wrongful information in your systems. Our passive, GPS-free geolocation information will allow you to geofence your devices and prevent theft.

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We work together to enable smart industrial manufacturing

We provide Airbus with secure cellular connectivity to enable predictive maintenance of its aircraft. Flight data can now be transmitted to Skywise, Airbus' open data platform for aviation, from any airport in the world.
Leveraging our global cellular connectivity, Flexthings SIM-connected AR glasses enable remote diagnostics, assistance, and maintenance in factories or in the fields, worldwide.
Integral System
Transatel connects Integral System's industrial PCs and gateways in plants and in mobility. We ensure that their machines get good coverage even inside factories.
AMCS technologies
AMCS manufactures electronic systems for site safety. Transatel SIM cards are used in AMCS's anti-collision management system for cranes and mobile cranes.
BDR Thermea Group
BDR Thermea Group's residential heating systems operate in 100+ countries. Transatel SIM cards enable predictive maintenance in the sensors of their heaters.

Why choose Transatel’s cellular connectivity solution?

Strongest coverage

We cover the world with 200+ network access agreements

Secure connectivity

Protect your network from the inside out with our end-to-end solution

Optimized prices

From low to high usage, benefit from prices tailored for your project

Worldwide service

Avoid roaming costs with a single international multi-network SIM card

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