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Worldwide Cellular IoT Connectivity for Transport & Logistics

From fleet management to asset tracking and warehousing management, Transatel multi-network M2M SIM and eSIM provide you with global 3G/4G/5G and LTE-M connectivity across more than 190 destinations, worldwide.

Fleet management

Optimize your traffic routes to control the operating expenses of your business. Deliver a superior quality service by providing real-time delivery tracking using geolocation and fleet management applications. We provide connectivity with M2M SIM cards that enable seamless fleet management, either with your own application or with the help of one of our partners.

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Asset tracking

IoT-enabled asset tracking is time-saving, automated, and cost-efficient. This enables you to perform tasks like controlling the cold chain and humidity, detecting the opening of doors, geofencing your assets, enabling vibration, and shock monitoring. We provide cellular connectivity solutions for your devices and sensors.

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Warehousing and video surveillance

You can be more efficient in your logistics operations by continuously keeping your inventory up to date. Benefit from a connected video surveillance system to keep your storage units secure. We provide you with LTE/5G connectivity via SIM cards that can be used in your devices. Our experts can also recommend you a selection of our partners that can help you develop your system.

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Connected solutions for maritime operations

Track your assets globally, from the road to the harbours and the seas. Use our cellular connectivity to collect location and your sensors' data, worldwide, without paying any roaming costs thanks to our international 2G/3G/LTE/5G connectivity solution. Add our partners' satellite connectivity to the mix for connectivity continuity when your assets are off the coast.

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We work together to enable smart logistics

Transatel provides secure connectivity for FedEx‘s Machine-to-Machine needs in its hubs. We also supply the company with additional wireless communication for communication between hubs and data centers.
Transatel provides DAF with a global connectivity solution to activate their advanced set of services like fleet management, vehicle availability, and enhanced analytics. Using a single Transatel SIM card, DAF Trucks get fault-free validation in the factory along with global telematics services.
Transatel’s SIM card 901 equips temperature monitoring and tracking solutions adapted to a wide variety of products (medical, food, logistics).
We provide cellular connectivity for Kairos' bus fleet management service. They chose Transatel's solution for its quick deployment and its full coverage across the European continent.
Transatel provides connectivity to Prosecon‘s solution to track sensible vehicles and materials.
Transatel’s connectivity enables OPSILOG’s vehicles tracking system. They chose our solution for its reliable SIM management platform and competitive prices.
WFD Food Delivery
Transatel’s solution allows WFD Food Delivery to geolocate its fleet of delivery agents in real-time.

Why choose Transatel’s cellular connectivity solution for your IoT project?

Truly Worldwide

Global service with regional infrastructures for maxed bandwidth and low latency

Strongest Coverage

Our SIMs attach to the strongest signal available locally

SIM Management

A single web portal to manage all your SIM cards, control your fleet and invoice

Optimized Prices

From low to high usage, our prices are tailored for your project

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