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Spectrum availability: the key to Private 5G Networks adoption

Co-published with EUWENA (European Users Wireless Enterprise Network Association), this paper demystifies the contemporary landscape of private cellular networks spectrum allocation, tracing the process from initial attribution to a detailed, country-by-country mapping. It is designed to serve as a valuable resource for deployment facilitation and advocacy for access.

Connecting Vehicles: Risks & Solutions

For car manufacturers, gaining full control over the connectivity solution embedded in their vehicles is a strategic opportunity. It enables car manufacturers to unleash innovation and maximize the potential of connected services, as well as the income these services will generate.

Data Security for Mobile Employees

Working from home, on the field or abroad has become increasingly popular since the pandemic. However, most companies are still insufficiently aware of the risks weighing on their corporate data assets when their distributed workforce connect from outside the enterprise premises. Many have not yet investigated the solutions available for secure data transmission, namely the ones offered by cellular connectivity. Global cellular solutions, such as the ones developed with Transatel’s SIM technology, are not as costly as one might imagine. This whitepaper aims to give you all the information you need to efficiently protect your remote employees.

Security for the IoT

The growing enthusiasm for connected objects hasn’t brought about a corresponding concern for security issues, even with the rise of massive data hacking worldwide. Data theft or device hacking within the IoT ecosystem could lead to dramatic outcomes—and not solely in the virtual world. This whitepaper aims to leave you informed on the risks companies might face as well as the solutions available to them, namely with cellular connectivity.

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