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Cellular IoT connectivity solution for Media & Entertainment

Our international multi-network M2M SIM cards connect all your devices in 3G, 4G, 5G and LTE-M so you can deliver high-quality content with maximum bandwidth. Keep your audience engaged, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Live Streaming

Live-streaming an event means letting your audience enjoy a seamless experience by making sure that there is no network congestion or loss of signal which can hinder the live video. We reduce these unpredictable connection obstacles by providing you with multi-network LTE/5G SIM cards that attach to the strongest network, always.

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Gain competitive edge by equipping your broadcasting devices with a connectivity that is reliable and exposed to minimal delays. Whether it is a live news stream or a pre-recorded radio audio, we've got you covered. Our SIM cards ensure that you will be able to broadcast your media content from wherever you want. With our maximal bandwidth, it is easy to transmit large volumes of data from anywhere to everywhere.

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Connected screens

Instantly deploy connected screens at festivals, concerts, conferences or sports events, and leverage cellular connectivity to engage your audience. Even with your screens deployed in different places, our SIM management platform allows you to manage them all in the one place.

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We work together to enable seamless media and entertainment experience

Weber video
Thanks to Transatel cellular connectivity, Weber video’s giant screens can be instantly deployed during temporary events.
Transatel provides cellular connectivity to Moment ‘s portable wireless device designed to be used by airline passengers to bring a superior experience on-board.
Oecko produces interactive screens for halls or public spaces. Thanks to Transatel 4G connectivity, they can be remotely updated and maintained in any location covered by the mobile network.

Why choose Transatel’s cellular connectivity solution?

Strongest coverage

We cover the world with 200+ network access agreements.

Secure connectivity

Protect your network from the inside out with our end-to-end solution.

Optimized prices

From low to high usage, benefit from prices tailored for your project.

Worldwide service

Avoid roaming costs with a single international multi-network SIM card.

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