Cellular IoT solutions for Smart Agriculture

Our M2M SIM cards connect your IoT applications and agricultural equipment with 3G/LTE (and soon 5G!) worldwide.

Track and analyse livestock behaviour

Large farm owners use wireless IoT applications to collect data about their livestock’s welfare and health on their exploitations. Continuous data transmission helps farmers identify sick animals so that they can be separated from the herd and prevent contaminations. It also reduces labour costs, as farm owners can locate their livestock using IoT-based sensors.

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Autonomous drone farming

Drones collect multispectral, thermal, and visual images during flight based on real-time data collection and processing. They are widely used in smart agriculture to improve various farming practices. Ground and aerial drones are useful for crop assessment, irrigation, monitoring, spraying, planting, and soil and field analysis.
Key benefits of using drones include plant health visualisation, integrated mapping, ease of use, time-saving and the potential to increase yields. Drone technology collects multispectral, thermal and visual images during flight based on real-time data collection and processing.

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Tractor telematics

Tractor telematics applications are made possible as Transatel's SIM cards connect through our regional infrastructures, ensuring your bandwidth is maxed and latency reduced automatically based on your SIM location.
You can enable fuel monitoring, monitoring of operating parameters, GPS tracking and running-time tracking of tractors, harvesters and other widely used agricultural vehicles.

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Crop monitoring

Connect your sensors using LoRa or local low energy networks to a gateway for hydrometry and growth monitoring, key to plant productivity. IoT sensors provide information on light levels, pressure, humidity, and temperature.
These sensors can automatically control actuators, open a window, turn on a light, control a heater, turn on an appliance or turn on a fan, all controlled remotely. This is especially useful for vertical agriculture, which requires complete control of environmental parameters!

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Connected production machines

Agricultural production machines need an effective connectivity to ensure quality control and enable automated production processes for cost-saving.
Using Transatel’s always-on connectivity, farmers can monitor their equipment remotely thanks to uninterrupted data transmission and get updates on its condition.

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Smart Solar Panels

Farms and fields are often located in areas that are difficult to supply both in connectivity and energy. While Transatel’s SIM allows multi-network coverage, the second issue can be trickier. Monitoring devices can prove challenging with these conditions: setting up the cables necessary to provide power is either costly or impossible.
Solar power provides an advantageous solution: sensors and other monitoring devices can be powered without cables and complex installations. Not only is this energy sustainable, but it also solves one of the biggest constraints farmers face on remote so they can improve their productivity with real-time monitoring.

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We work together to enable smart agriculture

Kverneland Group offers to simplify farmer's maintenance on agricultural vehicles with IsoMatch FarmCentre to gather data from the host tractor and the implements it operates for transmission to storage and analysis in a web application. Transatel provides cellular connectivity to collect telematics information from the tractors.
Transatel connects Agreenculture's smart robot CEOL to improve crop yields and optimise farming thanks to its sensors’ data transmission. The autonomous robots can now transmit greater amounts of data and operate remotely, supported by Transatel’s worldwide 3G/4G connectivity!
RIOT TECH offers to help farmers monitor their livestock thanks to surveillance cameras, easily deployed on their exploitation. They chose Transatel's solution to connect their fleet for its ability to provide a competitive multi-networks offer in France for high usages.
Unisensor’s sensors simplify quality control processes for farmers as it can transmit in real-time its contamination detection diagnostics within food products, supported by Transatel’s resilient LTE connectivity.
Bucher Vaslin
Bucher Vaslin is a french company that produces a wide variety of equipment for the wine sector. The connectivity offered by Transatel allows operators to follow in real-time the activity evolution and exogenous parameters, helping quality control processes.

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