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Cellular IoT connectivity solution for Retail and wireless payment

Because no connectivity means no business, leverage cellular solutions to transform retail management and customers’ shopping experience. Our international multi-network M2M SIM cards keep your point of sales, payment devices, and merchandising always connected in 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE-M, worldwide.

Payment terminals

Whether you are a shop, a restaurant, a remote booth, or a popup store, flawless connectivity is crucial for your business. Avoid transaction errors and benefit from an uninterrupted connectivity with maximized uptime by connecting your mobile payment terminals with our M2M SIM cards.

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Interactive Kiosks

Use IoT to the advantage of your retail business by creating a data-rich environment in-store as well as outdoors. We make it easy for you to promote your brand by deploying interactive displays and digital signages in any corner of the world. Our international SIM cards never incur roaming costs and let you benefit from reliable cellular connectivity.

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Inventory management

Connecting sensors, LoRa gateways and any other device whether in-store or across your branches, is key to achieving efficient inventory, warehouse management, and supply chain control capabilities.

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In-store video surveillance

Connect cameras and video surveillance systems to keep your stores and inventories secure. We provide you with LTE/5G connectivity via SIM cards that can be used in your devices. Our experts can also recommend you a selection of our partners that can help you develop your system.

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We work together to enable smarter retail

Worldline‘s point of sales terminals deployed in Belgium are equipped with Transatel’s connectivity, thus ensuring their usability. Enabling 24/7 payment services in stores, worldwide​ with a low latency service.
We connect Vircom's virtual marketing kiosks​, worldwide​.
Obole has revolutionized religious charity through its digital donation kiosks, which are equipped with Transatel technology.
Optimal Solutions
We provide uninterrupted global cellular connectivity to Optimal Solutions payment terminals for events.
We connect Izypay wireless payment solutions for festivals, stadiums, sports and cultural events in France and Belgium.

Why choose Transatel’s cellular connectivity solution for your IoT project?

Strongest coverage

We cover the world with 200+ network access agreements.

Secure Connectivity

Protect your network from the inside out with our end-to-end solution.

Optimized Prices

From low to high usage, benefit from prices tailored for your project.

Worldwide service

Avoid roaming costs with a single international multi-network SIM card.

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