Security of cellular connectivity for the IoT

How secure is cellular connectivity for the IoT?

cellular security for the IoT
Connecting objects cannot be contemplated without an airtight security system. Hence, security has become one of Transatel’s priorities.

Cellular networks are secure by design: data is encrypted, and users are securely identified.
Transatel’s connectivity infrastructure is therefore also secured by design.

A system being only as strong as its weakest link, however, Transatel offers a holistic approach to security, where the market only seems to provide bits and pieces. The platform offers an end-to-end solution protecting your network of devices and/or machines against threats and cyberattacks from the inside out, and not via a patchwork of security addons.

If you want an even higher level of security, we offer an advanced security option that will add more layers of protection to your data:

   A private APN: the APN is dedicated to your project and your SIM cards. You control which devices share the same data lane and define the rules.
   A dedicated link and routing to your cloud provider, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or your own datacenter.
   Data control with filtering, blacklisting and/or whitelisting of destinations.
   Your own radius integration

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