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SIM Management platform for MVNO

With our new web portal, the management of your SIM fleet and its services couldn’t be easier.​ With its fast & flexible interface, setting up your connectivity is both seamless and efficient.​ Connect to our user-friendly SaaS interface or integrate our APIs, you’ll have everything you need to manage your subscribers' connectivity​.

SIM Management platform - Efficient fleet management
Our SIM Management Platform is designed for efficient fleet management
  • Easily perform actions in bulk on thousands of SIMs activate, suspend, modify services…
  • Multiple fields available to Group, tag & identify your SIMs to match your organization’s needs
  • Flexible search engine to filter fleet in seconds or just import a list
  • Class-leading search engine
« Transatel’s Connectivity Management Platform’s underlying technical implementation is impressive […] resulting in performance observed in very few companies. »

Full control over your connectivity settings

Easily enable or disable standard services such as data, SMS, voice,

  • Create profiles to easily manage your fleet’s connectivity in bulk
  • Modify services at unitary SIM level if needed.

Your advanced optional services can also be made available in
the interface for easy configuration: enable a private APN, select
a data routing destination…

Comprehensive SIM Usage history

  • Check any SIM’s consumption, and filter by dates, usage type, or from a choice of avdanced fields
  • 2 displays available:
    ⎻ A user friendly dynamic histogram
    ⎻ A table view including advanced session information (such as network type, device IMEI, IP, cell ID…) downloadable in CSV format.

High Usage & Alerting

Avoid bill shock and quickly detect fraudulent or abnormal usage by creating usage rules

  • Set up usage alerts based on volume of data, SMS or amount charged
  • Decide which action should be triggered if the threshold is reached:
    – receiving an email alert – you can then investigate the situation
    – automatically suspend the SIM – to avoid any bill shock

Fleet Reporting & Analytics

Interactive BI reports available directly in the interface: get a comprehensive fleet overview, follow usage trends, find SIMs with high usages…

Additionally, all tables of the interface can be easily downloaded in CSV format and multiple file reports (monthly inventory, invoice details…) are available for further analysis.

Get real-time details & perform remote troubleshooting actions

  • Advanced details on the ongoing data session details (visited country & operator, IMEI, APN, private IP…)
  • Last attach details: visited country & operator, network type, IMSI in use…
  • And the ability to remotely detach the SIM from the network to solve connectivity issues

All our interface’s features are available through APIs: manage your fleet, SIM statuses, connectivity services….

  • Manage your SIM fleet from your own interface with by integrating our API
  • If you choose to integrate our APIs, our teams will provide all necessary support & documentation

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