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Advanced Data Services for the IoT​ The most flexible IoT data services on the market​

Get full control over your traffic, protect your data and manage your devices remotely. VPN and leased lines, public or private static IP, IP whitelisting or blacklisting, private DNS, dynamic DNS resolution and more: our extensive portfolio of advanced data services will meet all your IoT project requirements.​

A glimpse at our secure, efficient data routing solutions​

Fast and secure communications​

Enable communications over IPSec VPN, leased lines, cloud connect, and avoid the Internet.​

IP whitelisting & blacklisting​

Allow or block certain destinations: full control of the usages.​

SIM to SIM communications​

Allow direct two-way communication between your devices and to the Internet if you need it.​

Same APN, different route​

Switch between traffic destinations without changing the device APN.​

And so much more: Public fixed IP, private fixed IP and a private network, dynamic DNS… we do it all.​

Fast and secure communications​

  • Various traffic delivery methods: on premise or in the cloud, though an IPSec VPN tunnel or via leased lines.​
  • End-to-end security: no IP exposure of your traffic over the public internet.​​
  • Access your devices remotely: opt for a static private IP address for two-way SIM to server communications.​

IP blacklisting & whitelisting​

  • Enhanced security: only authorized destinations can be accessed thus reducing the risk of exposure of your data.​​
  • Better control of your SIM: block any access not related to your business activity.
  • Cost-effective solution: prevent unexpected raises in your invoice due to a misuse of the SIM card.​

SIM to SIM communications​

  • Easy to use: simply activate the SIM2SIM function on two Transatel M2M SIMs on our SIM management platform.​​​
  • Find your device whenever you need it: configure your device remotely with a static IP address.
  • Private and secure: isolate your traffic from the internet and avoid unexpected consumption due to malicious network scans.​​

Same APN, different route​

  • Seamless transition: easily switch between different environments to optimize your industrial processes.​
  • Easy to use: switch is done by a simple API call, no APN change needed.​
  • Full flexibility: switch destinations for individual SIM cards or groups of SIMs.

Why Transatel?​

Private, secure and redundant​

End-to-end infrastructure security by design. No exposure of your data over the public internet.​

Global availability​

Maximum bandwidth, low latency through our cloud-providers-interconnected regional infrastructures.​

Wide portfolio of data solutions​

Choose from one of the largest advanced data service offering available on the market.​

Flexible solutions for your specific requirements ​

whether you need to occasionally check on your devices remotely or have a critical infrastructure to manage, we will find a right solution for your project.​

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