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Private LTE/5G networks extension

What if your private network had no boundaries?

Private LTE/5G networks offer tremendous connectivity performances on-site. To tackle this native limitation, Transatel’s multi-network SIM enables devices to seamlessly switch between your private network and any public cellular network across 180+ destinations.

Switch between private and public
cellular networks with a single SIM

We provide a single SIM card to access both your private network and our worldwide coverage of public networks, ensuring secure service continuity for your industrial applications and mobile assets.

By offering a single interconnection to Transatel’s core infrastructure and global coverage across 180+ destinations, our private LTE/5G network extension solution removes complexity and frees network owners from establishing complex roaming agreements with numerous national mobile carriers. Moreover, you can now control how the SIM will select the private or public networks.

Ensure geographical continuity
for all your IoT applications

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Our partners

In airports

Major airlines need reliable connectivity services to enable technicians to operate maintenance tasks on ground vehicles inside airport hangars, where there is no coverage, as well as on the road and runways. We provide a single SIM card to connect workers’ devices to both airports’ private and public networks to guarantee fault-free cellular coverage wherever the devices are located.

In ports

Private LTE/5G networks support high volumes of data transmission with optimal speed, agility, and efficiency. Increasingly used to connect ports, they enable many IoT applications, including predictive maintenance for ships and cargoes to ensure secure shipping and lower maintenance costs. With Transatel’s global multi-network SIM card, even if a ship docks in a port without a private network, it will still be able to transmit critical information about its operational status and equipment by connecting to the most powerful public network available. Service continuity is also maintained in the transport of goods or passengers between two places in the same country by a ship from another country.

In warehouses and vehicles

Delivery trucks need fail-safe connectivity for asset tracking and software updates, both on the road as well as in remote warehouses where they operate. From private to public networks and back, our single SIM card keeps these trucks connected anytime and anywhere, by attaching to the strongest signal available even across borders.

In manufacturing

Car manufacturers often struggle with connectivity tests at the end of the assembly line when vehicles must leave the factory for road testing. When unsuccessful, the entire production line is interrupted which severely impacts productivity, costs, and delays. With our multi-network SIM cards attaching to the factory private network and to the public networks, all vehicles remain connected at all times, whether they are on-site or on the road. Result: 100% successful connectivity tests, hence no related production line interruption.

On campuses

Use a single SIM card to connect your workers’ tablets to your private LTE/5G network when they are on the factory floor: they will seamlessly connect to public networks when they are out of range. Whenever your private network is down, the SIM automatically switches to the public networks to ensure maximum uptime.

Get full control of your private LTE/5G network

You can choose how and when your SIM card switches from private to public networks.
It can be automatic or according to your preferences.

SIM location
NFC detection
Application used
Hour of the day

Why choose Transatel’s cellular connectivity solution?


No complex interconnect or
roaming agreement


Siloed credentials to access
private/public networks


Instantly toggle public
network access on or off


Innovative technology within
our SIM cards

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