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End-to-end cellular IoT solutions​ Simplifying IoT, together​

We understand deploying IoT projects is complex, from selecting solutions to scaling up beyond borders, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity at all times while keeping deployment costs under control. To help you tackle these many challenges, Transatel and Capestone collaborated to provide global turnkey cellular solutions for IoT, edge & wireless-WAN services.

Transatel NTT logo-partner

Smart Retail​

  • Store connectivity​
  • Remote operation sites​
  • Pop-up store​
  • Security (cameras and sensors)

Teltonika RUT240​

Cradlepoint IBR600c​

Cradlepoint E300​


  • Remote machine operations​
  • Robotics ​
  • Warehousing​
  • Predictive maintenance

Teltonika RUT240​

Cradlepoint IBR600c​

Cradlepoint R1900​

Smart mobility

  • Fleet management
  • Micro mobility
  • Telematics

Teltonika FMC130​

Teltonika TFT100​

Teltonika MFC920

Together, we make cellular IoT simple​​

Transatel NTT

Pioneer of M2M (machine-to-machine) communication, Transatel provides global cellular data connectivity and platform designed to match the performances and security requirements of industrial Internet of Things.


Capestone is the specialized 4G/5G Wireless WAN & IoT distributor. They have been providing 4G/5G mobile internet solutions to telecom & IT resellers, system integrators, service providers and manufacturers worldwide.

Your one-stop shop for cellular IoT​​

Client centric​​

This alliance brings together pioneers of cellular technology and with that experience, we offer you a suitable plug and play Hardware + Connectivity packaged solution​


We understand that you could be at a different level with your IoT projects. Whether a proof-of-concept or commercial deployment; scale your projects with us!​


We help you to select amongst different available pricing models to make your
IoT projects a success​

Choose the cellular IoT solution that best suits your needs ​

Choose from our 4G/5G hardware portfolio in collaboration with Capestone​
Have access to complete managed IoT solutions, globally
Wide range of pricing models available to suite your project planning
Security at the center of our solutions ​
Create customize solutions for your IoT projects

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