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Why should you care about static IP?

Simply put, a static IP address is a numerical identifier assigned to a device connected to a network. Unlike a dynamic IP address, a static IP address does not change and remains constant regardless of whether the device is turned off or disconnected from the network. We often hear about fixed IPs for Machine to Machine (M2M) use cases. But, what exactly are they used for and how can they help you in your projects?

In practical terms, a static IP allows you to keep the same settings or configurations for your connected devices, to facilitate the location of the device in question. It also allows you to communicate in a bidirectional way according to its location. For example, to ensure access to your connected cameras, a static IP address is required. This means that you can easily connect to the camera from anywhere, using a web browser or mobile application. Viewing live video streams, controlling camera movements or setting resolution, frame rate and recording options a whole host of actions will be available.

At Transatel, we have one of the largest catalogs of data control solutions on the market, which includes solutions based on public or private static IP addresses. They allow you to have two-way communication with your devices using your server, or another device equipped with our SIM card. Our options include “turnkey” solutions which allow you access to the Internet if needed. These are perfect for site-to-site interconnections and corporate networks, or for two-way communication from one of your Transatel SIMs to another, removing the need for expensive integrations.

We also offer private interconnection solutions that are not visible on the Internet, using a dedicated physical circuit, a VPN or via the Cloud, all from a centralised server. These solutions never compromise the security and management of your internal network: secure end-to-end.

Our remote access solutions allow you to choose the best option to match your specific technical and business requirements: fleet size, data security, in cloud or on-site hosting, frequent or occasional usage, and much more. Ideal for any use case.

For more information about our fixed IP solutions, visit Transatel Knowledge Center or contact our team by filling out the form below.


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