The benefits of Transatel’s IoT Connect offer

What are my advantages with Transatel IoT Connect? 

Iot Connect's benefits
Scaling a cellular IoT project throughout multiple territories, you’re likely to face issues such as: 
• Contracting with multiple network operators 
• Integrating with multiple APIs, with different sets of features 
• Multiplying your APNs, with no guarantee that you can reproduce the same configuration in each territory 
• Being unable to upgrade & maintain your various configurations at once. Each territory means a specific project. Not with Transatel’s IoT Connect SIMs. 
single integration

Transatel IoT Connect offers a global, one-time integration connectivity solution 
• Easily deploy a flexible connectivity solution around the globe. 
• 170 destinations covered in 2G/3G/4G and growing every month 
• Near-to-local rates in each destination 
• Full control over your (e)SIM through the web portal 
• Business integration with API & file deliveries 
• Single point of contact for support & troubleshooting. 

comprehensive cellular connectivity service
comprehensive cellular connectivity service