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Enhanced SD-WAN connectivity Unlock Proactive Capacity Optimization for your SD-WAN

Since, your organization requires reliable SD-WAN access to cloud applications, Transatel & Lytn have combined their expertise to address this growing infrastructure challenge. Together we enable you to proactively predict and adjust your network capacity and availability to meet your specific business needs, during the day, the week, or the year, using cellular connectivity.

Transatel NTT logo-partner

Your offices and sites that connect to cloud applications through a SD-WAN network, have activity levels that very significantly at some point and those low or high peaks of activity have a direct impact on your network capacity. Whether you need to equip sites nationwide with multi-operator cellular coverage, or deploy in multiple countries, our solutions offer you a unified, fully managed and optimized connectivity service for maximum ease of use. 

From reactive to proactive performance management

Lytn predicts application usage and the bandwidth capacity necessary for optimal experience, an hour in advance, allowing it to right-size as needed. Transatel cellular connectivity is being used in an agile way to enable extra capacity, whenever it is needed.

0-touch deployment across 190 destinations, worldwide

With 0-touch deployment performed in the platform within 5 minutes, and a unique type of SIM card to insert into the modem. Logistics is made as easy as possible. The same SIM card can connect to any partner carrier in the area, in over 190 destinations, with multiple carriers available in major countries.

A single platform for greater efficiencies and ease of use

With our fully managed & supervised solution, you have a unique bill for all your sites, combining the optimized connectivity and hardware. And if a problem arises, you can easily reach out to our unique centralized help desk.

Together, we make cellular IoT simple​

Transatel NTT

Pioneer of M2M (machine-to-machine) communication, Transatel provides global cellular data connectivity and platform designed to match the performances and security requirements of industrial Internet of Things.


Lytn provides enhanced operational insight to match Infrastructure Capabilities and Digital Applications. We believe that developing an innovative common language between IT and business will make the world a better place to work.

Your one-time-stop for an optimized,
easy and fast to deploy SD-WAN ​

Client centric​​

This alliance brings together pioneers of cellular technology, SD-WAN, and serious Advanced Data Science, with this in-depth experience we offer you an in-comparable plug and play Hardware + Connectivity packaged offering


We understand that you could be at a different level with your IoT projects. Whether a proof-of-concept or commercial deployment; scale your projects with us!​


We help you to select amongst different available pricing models to make your
IoT projects a success​

Choose the cellular IoT solution that best suits your needs ​

Get your SD-WAN
and cellular
Insert the Transatel SIM
The SD-WAN is ready to deploy in 5 minutes
Your network capacity
is automatically adapted
Cellular connectivity  boosts & backups  your bandwidth

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