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Mobile Virtual Network Operator

UK MVNO Abzorb unifies business communications with Transatel

With a heritage of over 20 years and unparalleled technical expertise and industry knowledge, Abzorb is one of the leading MVNO on the UK market today. This Mobile Virtual Network Opeartor has become a trusted partner to accelerate digital transformation and improve business communications, helping resellers and their customers to differentiate themselves from competitors with bespoke mobile, hosted and unified communications solutions.

Abzorb explains why they have chosen Transatel’s network infrastructure and advanced services to support their continuous business growth in the UK since 2019.

About Abzorb

Abzorb simplifies unified communications by delivering end to end solutions to resellers through a single portal. We help them to effortlessly manage customer relationships with competitive tariffs and bespoke solutions offering a flexible and personalised service. Enabling resellers and customers to access the three major mobile networks in the UK with the ability to move seamlessly across all three utilising the best coverage without incurring a penalty. Our single portal provides everything resellers require to manage their customers requirements for mobile, cloud telephony and Unified Communication enabling them to focus on selling and leaving the portal to automate the daily admin tasks such as ordering, fulfilment process, alerts in near real-time, providing renewals, managing contracts, adding, and deleting users.

Why did you choose to become an MVNO?

Abzorb created its MVNO proposition, abZ, to simplify the increasingly complex world of selling mobile products and services for resellers. abZ enables resellers to operate as a virtual service provider without the initial high set-up, CAPEX and development costs. Providing them with autonomy, flexibility, and the ability to be self-sufficient, which can all be delivered via their own white labelled brand.


« Transatel’s ‘MVNO in a box’ solution is robust, reliable, flexible service and intuitive reflecting our values of simplifying business.»

Why Transatel?

A key reason for choosing Transatel as a strategic key partner is their ‘MVNO in a box’ solution that is robust, reliable, flexible service and intuitive reflecting our values of simplifying business. One of the main features that our resellers find most useful is the ability to control and manage customers’ mobile accounts using Transatel’s near real-time capabilities. Furthermore, the bill spend cap management tool allows resellers to monitor data usage, so customers are kept up to date with their usage avoiding any unwanted surprises on their bill providing them with peace of mind. Thanks to our partnership with Transatel, we also gain access to the EE network, “the UK’s best network for over nine years running” (source Rootmetrics, 2023).

Visit www.abzorb.co.uk

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