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5 reasons why MVNOs should use API integrations

Excellent question! To shed light on the importance of API integrations for mobile telephony businesses, we spoke with our API expert at Transatel, Antoine.

1. Let’s start with the basics: what are API integrations?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a piece of software that facilitates seamless communication between two applications, allowing the exchange of data while adhering to predefined rules and protocols. This integration empowers businesses, by leveraging a multitude of functionalities.

2. How can MVNOs benefit from API integrations?

  • Enhancing the customer experience. Transatel’s APIs enables MVNOs to create a branded self-care application, granting end-users autonomy in managing their usage under the MVNO brand.
  • Automation becomes a powerful tool. MVNOs can automate workflows based on usage patterns, plans, or connectivity events. These automations can be extremely versatile. They can range from the creation of customised alerts in case of fraud, to managing the ordering and provisioning of the SIM card base. All this can benefit the business by reducing operational costs and improving the customer service delivered to the subscriber base.
  • Increase in revenue growth. By detecting subscriber churn through workflows and taking proactive measures, MVNOs can significantly enhance customer retention, ultimately leading to increased revenue.
  • Improved support for internal teams. An API integration can be an asset to customer relations teams, through real-time diagnostic functions that can be integrated into the CRM tool. This therefore streamlines support for these teams in addressing issues in a more effective manner.
  • Time-to-market. Using Transatel’s APIs, MVNOs can provide a seamless global connectivity experience with a quick time-to-market. They can cater to the specific needs of the subscriber base, with offers chosen directly from our catalogue. You can also access international connections in more than 200 countries around the world, manageable from the MVNO’s platform using our APIs.

3. What are the standards that Transatel’s APIs are built on?

Transatel’s APIs conform to both the Open API 3 and the OAuth 2.0 standards. We chose to conform to these specifications as they are recognised on the market as being the leading API norms, supporting an effortless integration for operators. In addition to this, we’ve ensured our API documentation is as clear and straightforward as possible for our clients – taking away the any additional workload for the MVNO.

Our modern RESTful APIs make integration even easier and take away all the complexity, allowing the MVNO to be completely autonomous with the business model they wish to implement.

Our APIs work through real-time events subscription using ‘webhooks’. Webhooks allow for asynchronous events to be sent between the MVNO and Transatel, triggering specific business workflows that the MVNO has chosen, without losing time and energy in the process. For example, the MVNO can manage their subscribers through real-time events, such as alerts for high usage consumptions.

4. Can you share some examples of how Transatel has successfully implemented API integrations in the telecom market?

Thanks to the versatility of Transatel’s APIs, we cater to a whole host of industries to help them manage their SIM base. The use cases used by Transatel clients for their API integrations range from connectivity to monitor aircraft data sessions, to travel eSIM MVNOs that provide end-users with worldwide connectivity.

Through our APIs, our clients have developed their own white-labelled end-user application, allowing them to manage services such as bundle subscriptions, tracking the usages of their SIM base or activating an eSIM profil.

Transatel has also integrated with several recognised billing platforms on the market. Some of our clients have even built and resold their own inhouse billing platforms, allowing business to business reselling. All this thanks to our APIs that are designed for seamless integration.

We’re proud to be our APIs number 1 client and stand out from the competition thanks to our real-time event subscriptions. Transatel’s APIs enable our clients to leverage our connectivity platform and core network.

5. For those interested in exploring Transatel’s APIs, where can they find more information?

To learn more about our state-of-the-art APIs, I encourage everyone to visit Transatel’s Developers Portal. Alternatively, interested parties can reach out to their dedicated Account Manager for specific assistance.

Thank you Antoine!

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