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Transform your airline operations: Global, secure and efficient connectivity awaits.

The aviation industry has entered a digital and efficiency renaissance. In the age of digital transformation, connectivity is no longer an option but a necessity for the aviation industry. Transatel offers a cellular connectivity solution over LTE and 5G that not only elevates the efficiency and security of Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) but also marks a significant stride towards cellular connectivity sustainability. Here’s how airlines can revolutionize their operations while relying on a mobile carrier that is kinder to the planet.

A seamless flight with 200+ destinations covered

Flight crews and EFBs require global mobility. Transatel’s solution offers uninterrupted cellular connectivity across more than 200 territories, providing real-time data and operational excellence, wherever you are. This means the ability to serve our clients in countries where most mobile operators struggle offering a service such as the UAE or Brazil. Check out our global cellular coverage.

Curb those exorbitant roaming costs

Financial unpredictability stemming from roaming fees? Not with us. Our solution offers an “always local” experience that drastically reduces costs compared to traditional roaming most carriers worldwide would offer.

Lower latency, higher bandwidth

Transatel’s 4G-LTE and 5G connectivity solution leverages core networks nodes globally, resulting in significantly lower latency and higher bandwidth. It’s a step towards a more responsive and efficient operational workflow.

Bulletproof security

  • Network-driven IMEI management: security is embedded at the device level.
  • SIM secure vault: encrypted messaging and credential storage directly within the SIM.
  • Direct connectivity: data stays protected via direct data links such as an IPSec VPN or a dedicated fiber link.
  • Advanced notification services: alerting against suspicious activities such as your SIM cards being targeted by hackers leveraging mobile operators’ signalling systems.

Sustainable connectivity, without the buzzword

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword for us; it’s a commitment. Transatel’s network core has undergone major transformations aiming at not just technology adoption but also hardware and energy optimization. We’re in a cycle of profound transformations. These past few months only, here’s what we have achieved:

  • Migrating to more modern data centers with lower Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) values. Our latest data center migration transitions to a facility with a PUE of 1.35, well below the European average of 1.80, leveraging France’s relatively low-carbon electricity production.
  • Our core network layers operate on an “if-needed-only” basis, disabling or deprioritizing non-essential functions. This not only reduces electricity usage but also lowers peak load demands, thereby requiring less hardware.
  • We’re partnering with hardware suppliers to develop and promote devices that have a minimized environmental impact, focusing on carbon emissions, resource consumption, and biodiversity.

Extend the value beyond EFBs

Beyond EFBs, our sustainable connectivity solution also enriches the utility of laptops, tablets and smartphones, ensuring employees are always securely connected, even on the go. This not only boosts productivity but also eliminates the need to rely on insecure public WiFi, offering convenience and security in one package. This is also true for DECT phones and machines in your local facilities, worldwide, for a seamless, global deployment and maintenance.

Trust the experts

Companies like Airbus, Air France-KLM, and Astronautics rely on Transatel for operational enhancements. Make a smart choice for your airline’s sustainable connectivity.

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