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Mobile Virtual Network Operator

With Transatel, Groupe Convergence leverages mobile to accelerate digital transformation

As a leading telecom and network integrator in France, Groupe Convergence chose Transatel in 2019 to support the diversification of its activities and its international expansion. From enterprise mobile telephony to data and industrial IoT applications, Arnaud Rouzade, Director of Operations at the Convergence Group, discusses this partnership and the reasons that led them to trust Transatel. 

About Groupe Convergence

Founded over 20 years ago, Groupe Convergence is a network of independent professional companies specialized in telecommunications, computer networks, multimedia, and the protection of assets and individuals. Led by Jean-Michel Texier, the group’s mission is to support businesses and public organizations in their digital transformation across France through the study, installation, and maintenance of unified communication and security solutions. Groupe Convergence now connects more than 7000 business through its indirect sales network.

Why did you choose to become an MVNO?

After investing in our own fixed operator core network (physical link, SIP trunk…), we also needed to offer a mobile solution to remain true to our one-stop-shop positioning by providing our members with an integrated offering, from RJ45 connectivity to the cloud, including mobility applications. Offering new features such as OTT, unified communications, or mobile endpoint security also allows us to generate additional sales and increase the average customer spend. Therefore, we needed to combine a high-quality mobile telephony offering with a volume offering for our internet link and data backup activity with IP retention to best meet the requirement of businesses.


« Transatel has fully met our requirements by offering the best guarantees in both light MVNO and global multi-network M2M connectivity. »

Why Transatel?

We were looking for an aggregator partner capable of offering both a full MVNO data service and white-label “Orange-like” offering with 5G, VoWIFI, VoLTE, visual messaging, and Orange transit services. Transatel positioned itself very well by qualitatively meeting our entire set of requirements with the best guarantees and market entry price significantly lower than what we could have obtained directly.

Another significant advantage is that Transatel-NTT has recognized M2M expertise worldwide and a unique ability to hybridize private and public 5G networks, addressing new challenges in cross-border IoT connectivity (industry and business 4.0 applications, remote maintenance, geolocation, and international fleet management, etc…). In terms of economic modelling of data or voice functionalities, Transatel’s services are the ones that best meet today’s market needs. Such versatility naturally led us to choose Transatel to support our development in these different market segments.

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