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Transatel supports Ukrainian refugees with free Ubigi eSIM connectivity

Transatel is joining the international effort to help Ukrainian refugees by organizing an unprecedented donation. This world leader in cellular connectivity offers 10,000 Ubigi eSIM virtual SIM cards as well as Ubigi WIFI Hotspots.

Together with the Permanent Representation of Ukraine to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Transatel presents the new eSIM Ubigi initiative for Ukrainian refugees;  a unique and free data plan available in the form of a QR Code. Each user of these 10,000 unique eSIMs will have 2 Gigabytes of data available for 90 days, free of charge.

From March 31, 2022, Ubigi eSIM cards will be sent to the Ukrainian embassies in many European capitals and to the local authorities of these cities, which co-organize the reception. The border towns with Ukraine will also have Ubigi eSIM thanks to the participation of Caritas International.

These cards are intended for Ukrainian citizens who wish to join their relatives, plan their trips, and find accommodation in a new city in Europe.

CountryQuantity of eSIM – wave 1
Grand Total7,050

Initially, Transatel’s Ubigi eSIM was designed for international travelers. This service is, therefore, ready to be used immediately everywhere in all European countries, including Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Germany, and England.

  • Transatel UBIGI eSIM technology is activated using a QR code
  • No need for a physical SIM card, nor remove one if you have it on your mobile
  • You keep all your contacts backed up as is
  • Download the dedicated App and follow the instructions to download the unique QR code.
  • The data limit stops at 2 Gigabytes within 90 days
  • From this cellular connectivity, users can communicate using OTT-type applications (WhatsApp, Telegram, or others).
  • Note that this technology is only compatible with recent smartphone models and that new initiatives are underway to help refugees equipped with older models. See compatible devices at the end of this document.

“Ubigi WIFI Hotspots”

Transatel and the Permanent Representation of Ukraine to the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) also help deliver WIFI boxes “Ubigi WIFI Hotspots” to many points on the borders with Ukraine, where other NGOs and volunteers help refugees of the war.

“Ubigi WIFI Hotspots” will soon take place nearby other humanitarian aid centers on the borders of Ukraine. Near where Ukrainians organize themselves, get treatment, and prepare for their next step. Up to ten mobile phones at the same time will be able to take advantage of the free connection to “Ubigi WIFI Hotspot”.

For more information about Ubigi visit https://cellulardata.ubigi.com/

To contact the Permanent Representation of Ukraine to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg https://coe.mfa.gov.ua/en

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