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Despite health and economic crisis, a record number of new Mobile Virtual Network Operators step into the UK market with Transatel

Paris, France – Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 

Beyond challenges, the pandemic has also led the telecom industry to reflect on its strategy and turn this “new normal” into new opportunities. Among the businesses who took strategic decisions to build a more resilient business model, 7 newcomers are now supported by Transatel to become MVNOs in the UK.  

COVID-19, a time to reflect on Telcos’ business strategy

The lockdown rushed many businesses to adapt to remote work solutions and spiked telecom activity: cellular voice minutes alone doubled since March 2020. Now, SMEs are taking the steps towards a more sustainable business model by gaining control over their revenue streams and moving up the value chain from being resellers to value-added service providers. Since MVNOs own their subscriber base, they traded reseller commissions for recurring revenues, allowing them to build their offer with strategic services and capabilities.   

7 new MVNOs step into the market with Transatel

The 7 companies pioneering new directions for their businesses come from a broad spread of industries: as community-based B2C players launching with Transatel, PopIT is ready to take on Yorkshire and become the local mobile operator of choice while UK TELL also caters to the Bangladeshi community in the UK. Both are supported by Transatel’s international carrier service, which provides aspiring MVNOs with the flexibility to set their own international tariffs using their own carrier routes.  

B2B companies are also leveraging new market opportunities: the need for mobile connectivity for fleets of workers (once reserved for C-levels and sales representatives) is now essential for every employee. Transatel’s native Fixed Mobile Convergence services (FMC) outperforms lower quality OTT (Over-The-Top) services with high performance and seamless user experience l, which convinced CINOS and 9eons to offer their own Unified Communications SIM service to enable an always-on, seamless connection into their clients’ remote employee’s UC environment and adapt their offer to their new normal: working from home or office, efficiently connected everywhere.

Jacques Bonifay, CEO, Transatel, says:

 “Transatel has been enabling MVNOs in the UK for the past 12 years, and this experience allows us to know what it takes to succeed in the MVNO market. Our technological prowess and flexibility make us a key partner for any business, old or new, to break into the market. We are confident in our solutions’ resilience since COVID-19 has not impacted our activity as MVNO enablers.”

Nick Wootten, MVNO Director, BT Wholesale adds:

 “It’s exciting to see Transatel continue to grow its portfolio offering connectivity to more UK clients through MVNO brands. Our joint-partnership spans well over a decade and enables Transatel to empower its clients with the largest and most reliable network in the UK. As we’ve seen this past year through the pandemic, network resilience has been absolutely critical to the success of businesses not only navigating through the uncertainty but allowing them to thrive well after.” 

About Transatel

Part of NTT group, Transatel is the leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) enabler in Europe. Pioneers in machine-to-machine communication, we offer 3G/4G/5G connectivity solutions to support Internet of Things (IoT) and workforce applications.

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