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Whether you're looking to launch a mobile offer in your local market or a mobile data offer anywhere in the world—whatever the size of your business or experience—we have the expertise and a platform with a wealth of functionalities to support your project.

20 years' experience in mobile

Transatel has successfully launched more than 170 MVNOs, in Europe and abroad. Why not yours?

Real-time control

Real-time control of any kind of traffic, advanced rating, and billing, etc, for an airtight management of your business.


Full-MVNO architecture, Fixed-Mobile convergence, eUICC/eSIM, our cutting-edge platform evolves with the new market trends.

You're looking to launch a mobile offer...

Your fully-packaged branded
MVNO in under 6 weeks

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We offer a full set of mvno capabilities


Market positioning

Distribution strategy

Business model analysis

Cost of acquisition

Retail rateplan for B2B or B2C

Legal and tax compliance

Voice, SMS, Data (3G/4G-LTE)

Roaming services

Real-time call control

Intelligent call routing/ international termination

Voicemail / IVR

Fixed Mobile Convergence

SIP mobile services

Online charging

Prepaid/Post-paid/hybrid billing

Flexible bundle structures (recurring bundles, auto top-up…)

Real-time Call Data Records

Integration with 3rd party billing partners and payment providers

SIM branding (Service Provider Name and printing)

Advanced SIM profile customization (electric, graphic, artwork)

SIM card packaging & delivery

Tri-format SIM cards / uSIM & iSIM

eSIM (eUICC) support

MSISDN pool management & recycling

Subscriber management portal

Provisioning Batch interface

Provisioning and Service APIs

Self-care app

Smart notification

Mobile Number Portability

End user identification & legal intercept

Support level 2 & 3


Documentation package

Service management and review

Business review

Profitability analysis

Usage pattern

Churn analysis

Fraud prevention tools

Business Case

Core Mobile
Services (2G/3G/4G)

Rating &



Support level
2 & 3


We enabled their success

We're the leading MVNO enabler in Europe with over 170 MVNOs launched since our inception in 2000. Today, we support some of the largest and most popular brands in Western Europe.

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