Today’s Robinson Crusoe Needs Transatel DataSIM to Avoid Disconnect in the Caribbean

Paris, January 24th, 2017

Transatel DataSIM now adds 23 isles of the Dutch and French West Indies to its list of countries from which clients can use their prepaid data to connect to the internet. Transatel offers a Caribbean bundle of 1GB for 29 €.

With the addition of these islands, Transatel DataSIM further delivers on the promise of “always on”, secure connectivity for frequent travelers and globe trotters. The network now seamlessly covers over 100 countries and favorite travel destinations from a single SIM card, installed once and for all in your favorite device, be it a hotspot, laptop or tablet.

 Transatel’s prepaid global SIM card expires 18 months after last use and can be easily recharged through the customer webapp for future travels. The SIM card can be purchased via, and is also delivered worldwide, so travelers are ready-to-go on their journey.

Data bundles to make regional travel cost-effective

Transatel DataSIM also provides other better-deal bundles, fittingly grouped into continents, for their consumers. To date, there are 6 bundle pass offers, each equipped with 1GB: Europe, Asia, Oceania, Americas, Africa, and the Caribbean. Bundles can be combined and added to existing credit on the account. The bundle is then prioritized when traveling to a country covered by the bundle.

How does Transatel’s DataSIM card work?

Simply inserted into any laptop or tablet equipped with a SIM slot, the prepaid data SIM card is delivered internationally and allows travelers to benefit from permanent internet connectivity worldwide.

For travelers who do not own a laptop or tablet with a slot for a SIM card, Transatel offers the Wi-Fi hotspot as an alternative. Ordered and delivered already preconfigured with the SIM card, the hotspot shares internet access with up to ten separate devices simultaneously. This is an ideal solution for trips with family, friends or colleagues, whether to consult emails, surf the web, use mobile apps for navigation, stream videos, stay connected via social media, and instantly send home—or to the office—videos and photographs.

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