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Transatel teams with VMware to deliver consistent cellular connectivity for users working from anywhere.

Paris, France – February 23rd, 2021

Transatel – member of NTT Group – has teamed up with VMware to combine its worldwide LTE/5G connectivity services into VMware SD-WAN, enabling businesses to provide enhanced user experience for their employees working outside of enterprise premises. This collaboration between two industry leaders will help overcome connectivity challenges and deliver optimal application performance.

A reliable LTE solution for Work from Anywhere

Working from locations outside of an organization’s main campus or building, including the home, is now the norm. With this expansion of the workplace, IT teams are expected to provide connectivity on par with employees’ experience on the corporate local area network, which is a difficult challenge to overcome. Employees working from home typically use their broadband connection, which on one hand provides accessibility and cost benefits, but is prone to latency and poor network quality on the other. Employees can then experience inconsistent call qualit y, dropped calls and blurry videos, hampering their productivity.

To help prevent home broadband access interruption or voltage reduction, VMware SD-WAN can now steer traffic on to Transatel’s more secure LTE/5G link to transport traffic delivering a continuous service.

“By adding Transatel’s SIM card to their Edge device, VMware customers will be able to connect to the best available cellular networks from leading carriers, wherever they are, to better secure and prioritize their data flows.” said Transatel’s CEO Jacques Bonifay.

VMware SD-WAN, with its Dynamic Multipath Optimization, provides real-time monitoring and remediates poor connectivity conditions by steering traffic between employees’ broadband and Transatel’s LTE/5G connectivity to leverage the best path for a reliable and more secure experience.

“When employees are not just working anywhere, but everywhere including the home, it’s critical that IT teams have the solutions they require to address unreliable and unsecure connectivity,” said Craig Connors, vice president and CTO, SD-WAN and SASE business, VMware. ”VMware and Transatel are working together to help ensure customers and their employees remain productive no matter where they call ‘the office.’ Bringing together our industry-leading SD-WAN solution with Transatel’s LTE/5G connectivity provides a better user experience with optimal application performance through consistent connectivity.”

With Transatel’s LTE/5G and VMware SD-WAN, businesses can improve employees’ productivity while working from across all Transatel supported countries. The combined service will be first be available in the United States and select European countries: UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Switzerland. For more information on Transatel’s LTE/5G and VMware SD-WAN solution, please visit https://www.transatel.com/partners/vmware/ or contact Transatel at vmware@transatel.com


About Transatel

Now a member company of NTT Group, one of the largest telecom companies in the world, Transatel offers an unparalleled, eSIM-capable, cellular solution for global and secure IoT connectivity. Since its inception in 2000, the company has launched over 170 MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), establishing Transatel as the leading European MVNE/A (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler/Aggregator). Having acquired expertise in Machine-to-Machine connectivity, the company easily transitioned into the Internet of Things, where it now addresses the three market segments of automotive, laptops and tablets, and the industrial IoT.

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