Data Security for Mobile Employees – A Transatel Publication


Employees tend to use Wi-Fi, especially while traveling abroad, to access their company’s Information Systems. Not only is this inconvenient for the workforce, but it places the company at risk.

Companies are still widely indifferent to the risks weighing on their corporate data assets. And many are not yet aware of the solutions available for secure data transmission, namely the ones offered with cellular connectivity. Global cellular solutions, such as Transatel’s SIM 901, are not as costly as one might imagine.

This white paper explores reliable and cost-effective options to protect corporate data assets in the modern, open workplace, where a large proportion of the workforce is on the go.

Cellular connectivity is the secure option, as it leverages the intrinsic security benefits of cellular networks—a private and controlled, trusted network environment paired with the hardware-based security provided by the SIM card.

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